Year 7 Keyhole Competition 

Year 7 were challenged to draw a wonderful view through a keyhole after lockdown. The entries were all positive, creative and thoughtful. The winner was Bella Gray and runners up were Jess Craig, Niamh Wallace and Maeve Price. Well done to all who entered.

From Geography …

Years 7 and 8 Geography Projects on Sustainable Living Spaces

Geography is very proud to be the first subject to set project-based work for Years 7 and 8 this term. The challenge that we set was to first of all learn about sustainability issues by studying examples around the world. Following on from this students were asked to plan, design and build (out of recyclable materials) a sustainable house, town centre or city. We are absolutely delighted with the results! Years 7 and 8 have been so creative. Here are some examples of the models they have constructed. We’re sorry we can’t show all the models that have been created but well done to everyone. Good job!

Year 7

Evie Pratt

Anna Starovoit

Nefeli Tsamili

Year 8

Evie Bass

Amber Wingrove

Ayesha Conteh

Niamh McBride

Anna-Lilja Tholozan

Jasmine Braddock

Ada Fleming

Rosie Wemyss-Cook

From English …

Year 7

Year 7 are studying a new unit on poetry this half term. Students were challenged to create a “found poem” using only words and phrases they could find in one particular place in their house. The kitchen seems to have served as great inspiration for lots of them!

The Newspaper by Eloise Bundy

The Fridge by Jessica Mitchell

Inside a Magazine by Aimee Buzzing

The Tea Cupboard by Cassia Gale

Kitchen Cupboard by Hattie Pryke

From Design and Technology …

Year 9 Bridging work into Year 10 Graphics

Grace Collins – Excellent Information about materials research-good use of diagrams too-well done Grace!

Cassandra Lyall – great mindmaps to show collated information about the different materials that they will need to know about for GCSE-a detailed, and easy to absorb layout-well done Cassandra!

Sarah Lowe – Great Information slides about materials-excellent use of diagrams to support the information too-well done Sarah!

Emma Ross – excellent mindmaps about materials, lovely layout and detailed points considered-well done!

Year 10

Ella Coker – great development sheet, with clear links to the design ideas from last week, plenty of great annotation and measurable information too-well done Ella!

Elizabeth Brand – NEA Prep-Design Ideas: Excellent design ideas, good rendering and fantastic annotation of the ideas-really detailed and thought provoking design solutions.

Holly Yeoman – Design Ideas: A super sheet, full of excellent ideas, amazing annotation, and the rendering is great too. A sheet that any Sixth Form student would be pleased with-well done Holly!

Kirsten Gee – Design Ideas-Excellent annotation, great design ideas, great alternative sketches, and super annotation.

Maddie Hopwood – amazing design ideas sheet, with super annotation, good use of sketching and rendering too. Well done Maddie!

Year 11 Bridging work into Year 12 Product Design

Anthe Beston – Initial sheet for the Sustainable Lamp project-excellent design layout, easy to read and design aspects investigated-well done Anthe!

Skye Kingston – Great research on different designers and critiquing their famous works. Nice layout too Skye well done!

From Art and Photography …

Year 9 Bridging work into Year 10 Fine Art 

This is a selection from our Year 9 artists who soon will be starting GCSE Fine Art. Well done to everyone who has uploaded their brainstorms. These are looking wonderful.

Mrs Francis

Year 10

Here are some pieces from Year 10 Fine Artists this week.

They are working on Sweet studies and creating their own illustrated recipes.

Well done to everyone.
Mrs Francis

Year 12 Fine Art 

Here is a selection of work from our wonderful Fine Art students in lockdown.

We congratulate them in producing some inspiring and high quality work at home.

Well done.

Mrs Francis

Year 12 Photography

Year 12 Photography are continuing to explore their individual themes and continue to produce creative, striking and sensitive outcomes.

Evie Pettit

Niamh Connolly

Finally …

Sophie Doyle (Year 9) has sent me some fantastic Art work this week. She has been practising watercolour portraits. I think you would all agree that she has achieved beautiful colour blending and captured great poses. Well done Sophie!

Mrs Page

From History …

Year 7

Year 7 gathered together their knowledge about the Industrial Revolution in order to support and challenge a series of historical claims, and re-wrote these claims to be more valid. These examples are the work of Phoebe Protheroe and Madison Scully, both in 7Z.

Year 8

Year 8 used what they had learned about the British Empire this term and last term to compile a summary of the effects of the empire on India, Australia, the Caribbean and Britain itself. They used this as evidence to discuss three possible claims about the empire. These examples are the work of Violet Faber, Aimee Jacobs and Bethan Davies, all in 8O.

Year 9

Before half term, Year 9 compiled a virtual museum of the twentieth century, drawing on their learning across the whole Year 9 curriculum and in recent weeks. These museums were made by Jess Scott and Thea Galaxy in 9M.

Year 9 Bridging work into Year 10 History

Since half term, Year 9 students taking GCSE have embarked on an enquiry investigating the success of President John F. Kennedy in the USA in the early 1960s. This work by Zoe Drewitt and Caitlin Flatman looks at how Kennedy secured election to the presidency, and the challenges he faced as President at the height of the Cold War.