Physical Education Staff

Mrs L Dann (Joint Head of Department)
Ms E Awad (Joint Head of Department)
Mrs L Bowden
Miss E Fentiman
Mrs S Miller
Mr R Macrae
Mrs K Warner

The Physical Education Department

Welcome to Presdales PE Department. We pride ourselves in offering an all-round sporting experience for all students. We have varying expertise within the department which enables us to continue to offer a wide range of sporting activities.

Our Vision

To deliver a high-quality physical education curriculum which is inclusive and inspires students to participate and excel in a wide range of recreational and competitive sport within school, outside of school and later in life. It should provide opportunities for students to become physically competent and confident in a range of activities and in a way which supports their health and well-being.

Our Aim

We strive to:

  • Educate, encourage and provide opportunities for each student to reach their full potential and become more confident in a wide range of activities
  • Encourage the development of a Healthy Active Lifestyle beyond the school curriculum
  • Promote extracurricular participation through a broad range of clubs as a performer and a leader
  • Develop the ability to work as individuals, in groups and in teams
  • Develop concepts and values of competitiveness, fair play, sportsmanship, creativity and resilience
  • Ensure that all students take on different roles and responsibilities within lessons, including leadership, coaching and officiating
  • Develop curiosity and interest to encourage students to study GCSE and A Level PE