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Year 12 Textiles Research Trip, June 9th 2022

On Thursday 9th June, the Year 12 students went on a Fashion & Textiles research trip into London. Our first stop was the flagship Alexander McQueen shop on Old Bond Street. Here we looked at fabulous fashion – a cloud inspired shirt which costs £690, amazing brightly coloured evening dresses and intricately embroidered gowns and artwork inspired by them. There was a really amazing display of masks, hairpieces, drawings, woven hangings … a great start to our afternoon in London.

We then headed to High Street Kensington to visit the Design Museum. Here we looked at sustainable fashion by fashion designer Bethany Williams.

This new exhibition embraces the discussion of social and environmental issues. There were some fabulous fashion design creations using materials like postal bags, denim, old ribbon and foil, packaging, to design modern and stylish streetwear.

Part of the exhibition showed Williams’ response to the pandemic, and she created PPE wear for hospital workers in the Midlands.

The last stop on our trip was Japan House. Here we saw beautiful and delicate Japanese artefacts, fabrics, food packaging, books, and kitchenware. We then went in to see an exhibition, Symbiosis: Living Island.

This living art project has transformed the landscape of the island of Inujima and enriched the lives of its inhabitants. There were models of buildings and structures in graphic materials, and a calm atmosphere with Japanese music and photos of this serene island.

The day was a really good mix of culture, textiles, fashion, and art, and the students were really positive and mature. We all enjoyed our day in London and were hopefully inspired by it.

Therese Hayhurst

DofE Silver Practice Expedition

Presdales DofE Silver Practice Expedition (21st -23rd April)

Wow! Just Wow! What an absolutely fantastic experience this was. When I drove up to the start location (slightly delayed having been caught in the early morning rush hour!) I arrived to see a sea of Presdales students, all brightly coloured in their high vis jackets, waterproofs and fleeces, ready and waiting in their teams, eager to get started with their first day on expedition. The weather was perfect, and the fresh morning air was filled with the buzz of excited chatter and laughter as participants compared equipment and tested the weight of one another’s backpacks. After registering the teams, they were met by their instructors who handed out tents, stoves and maps and briefed them about their routes for the first day. Before we knew it, the teams were waving goodbye and setting out into the woods!

The first day was long and tough with unexpectedly warm weather and strong sunshine which added to the challenge. Groups were reminded regularly to reapply sun cream and hydrate but all reached the finish with flushed faces (some more so than others!) and in need of a sit down in the shade! The wind started to pick up and participants were tasked to building up the camp and cooking their suppers on their stoves. For some, this was their first experience of camping and cooking in the outdoors but they learnt quickly with the guidance and support from instructors and from those who had done their Bronze last year.

The hot food and drink as well as removing their heavy boots gave some participants a second wind and soon there were games of volleyball and rounders happening on the field. Koa, the Gold Retriever, invented her own game of stealing all of the tennis balls and thoroughly enjoyed making the year 10s chase her to get them back!

By sundown, the day’s exertion was taking its toll and participants began peeling off to snuggle down in their tents. All was quiet by 10pm and the camp looked magical with the 50 orange tents glowing in the moonlight under the stars.

It’s safe to say here that 06:30 wakeup call was unpopular. Camping with 3 to a tent is never particularly comfortable and the lack of a good night’s sleep combined with the chilly morning mist and aching bodies made it even tougher for the participants to leave their sleeping bags and begin building down the camp. Despite this, by 09:00, participants were smiling again and kitted up and ready to set out on day 2.

The second day pushed participants further as they were required to navigate themselves from checkpoint to checkpoint over a distance of approximately 18km. Instructors remained at a distance to give participants more independence and to build on the skills that they had learnt the previous day. All took this challenge in their stride and groups began flocking into the 2nd campsite as early at 15:00!

Dorney Wood Campsite was stunning with forest, fields and an impressive firepit which felt more like an amphitheatre! Students pitched their tents and cooked supper with more confidence that night and by 20:00, it was time for the bonfire!

All 72 participants gathered in their groups around the campfire and it was moving to see them all happily discussing the day’s events whilst warming themselves and toasting marshmallows. Harry and Steve, two of our instructors, provided the night’s entertainment by playing Eric Clapton on the guitar and telling ghost stories. It truly was one of the best nights on expedition we have ever had and any of the instructors said the same.

The final day began bright and early and participants were up and out with speed, eager to reach the finish line! It was wonderful to see the emotional reunion at the finish location as the parents arrived to bring the participants home and although it was sad it was over, we were all ready to get home for a shower and good night’s sleep!

I’d just like to finish by saying that it was thanks to the students that this expedition was such a success. Although they were separated into expedition groups, there was a real feeling of togetherness, warmth and respect which isn’t always seen on large expeditions such as this one. Every student looked out for those around them and were ready to stop for a break, offer help and share the load wherever it was needed and I felt proud of every single one of them.

I am really looking forward to the qualifying expedition in July and hope that the students are too.

Miss Haywood

Year 7 and 8 Netball Tournament at PGL

We have had a brilliant sunny weekend at PGL with the Year 7 and 8 netball teams!  The girls have played some excellent netball and competed against 12 schools in each year group. The girls came in the following positions;

Year 7A – Champions

Year 7B – 3rd place

Year 7C – 10th place

Year 8A – runners up

Year 8B – 3rd place

We have selected players of the tournament for each team over the weekend:

Year 7A – Lyra Reason

Year 7B – Kennedy Scott

Year 7C – Alice Redhead

Year 8A – Anya Pettit

Year 8B – Evelyn Pearce

Well done everyone!

The girls have been doing lots of activities when not playing netball, including, zip wire, giant swing, abseiling and climbing!

They have also met Sophie Drakeford-Lewis who plays for Team Bath and England Roses.

DofE Bronze Practice Expedition

DofE Bronze Practice Expedition 18th – 19th March

Waking up in the early morning sunshine

Phew!! What a weekend! This was is the largest cohort of Bronze participants we have ever had take part in the Bronze DofE programme at Presdales with just over 130 students turning up to the start location. It was quite an operation to coordinate but thanks to the positive attitude and determination of the girls as well as the beautiful springtime sunshine, it was a massive success.

The weekend started off with excitement with all participants turning up at Cole Green in their shiny, new expedition kit not knowing what to expect. They met their instructors for the weekend and set off on their routes. Despite the blazing sunshine, the paths were extremely muddy and very soon, their new boots were all the same colour, soggy and brown, and the challenges began! The girls worked excellently with one another and their instructors to learn how to navigate using compasses and maps. Their first day hike to the campsite was approximately 18 kilometres. Considering that the girls were carrying heavy backpacks weighing in at around 1/3 of their body weight on their backs, this was no walk in the park! With just a few short stops for snacks and lunch, the girls were journeying for over 6 hours and there was relief once they arrived at the forest camp but the day’s challenges were far from over!

Upon arrival at Danemead Scout Campsite, the expedition groups had to choose a sensible spot to pitch their tents for the night and then work together to cook their supper in mess tins on stoves. For some, this was their first time cooking outdoors or putting up tents and after a long day on their feet, they were pretty exhausted by the end of it! As the temperature dropped and the sun set, the head-torches, jackets and hats went on and the forest camp was soon lit up by the glowing light of campfires. It was fantastic to see the girls cuddled up together, laughing and sharing their stories from the day’s adventures whilst toasting marshmallows in the flames.

After a VERY chilly night in the tents, the girls were up and working together again at 07:00 to cook their breakfasts and clear the camp in the crisp, early morning light. Despite the aching bodies and lack of a good night’s sleep, participants were still smiling and eager to get on with their second day of hiking.

The finish location was Presdales which required another long route of approximately 16km, this time under remote supervision meaning that instructors were challenging the groups to navigate the distance on their own. Groups had to put the skills they had learnt the previous day to the test and many made it to the finish in record time!

It was an absolute pleasure to take these girls out on expedition thanks to the positive attitude they showed towards each challenge they faced and to one another. They were polite towards the staff and showed maturity throughout and were a credit to the school. A Huge thank you must also go to Mr Bedwell and Miss Sippi who came along to support us all at camp and with managing the equipment.

The participants must now apply themselves to finishing off their Volunteering, Physical and Skill section activities and get their assessors to write up their final reports before the Qualifying Expedition goes ahead on the 20th – 21st May. Good luck girls and I look forward to seeing you smash the Qualifier!

Miss Haywood

Bar Mock Trial 2021-2022