French Trip to Normandy

On Tuesday 7th May the French department had the pleasure of taking 22 Year 10 students and 2 Year 12 students on a 3 night residential trip to Normandy.

We stayed in the beautiful setting of the Château du Baffy and enjoyed visits to the picturesque towns of Honfleur, Bayeux and Deauville, where we were able to do some shopping for souvenirs and taste some delicious French delicacies.

Other activities included a trip to the beach, a very interesting visit to the Bayeux tapestry and a campfire with hot chocolate, marshmallows and lots of singing and dancing!

We were so impressed with all the students throughout the trip, especially when they conducted surveys with passersby in French on the beach in Deauville. They really made the most of being able to practise speaking, reading and listening to French and it was an absolute joy to see their confidence flourish and to spend time with them.

This is the first time that the French department has run this trip. It was a great success and we are looking forward to doing it again next year already!

Here’s what some of the students have written about the trip:

I thought the trip was so much fun! Not only was it a great opportunity to improve French speaking and confidence, but it was also really enjoyable! It was really nice to be able to visit several different French towns and explore the culture. It was also really interesting to see French locals and listen to their language. My personal favourite experience was going to the hypermarket because I’ve never seen such a big supermarket before! Overall I really enjoyed this trip and I think it has given me a lot of confidence in speaking French and even more of a passion in learning the language. (Jessica Knight, Year 12)

I enjoyed making new friends and spending time with people I don’t usually spend time with at school. I loved going and speaking to French people and asking our 5 questions. I think that was a really great way of learning by listening and speaking. I loved walking around the different towns and buying postcards and enjoying the different sights. (Chloe Haworth, Year 10)

I really enjoyed this trip, as I haven’t done a school trip abroad before. The accommodation and food was nice, we had lots of fun in Honfleur, Bayeux and Deauville, and I really loved how everybody was friends with each other by the end of the trip. If I could do this again I really would! 10/10. (Polly Carter, Year 10)

Year 7 PGL Netball Weekend 2024

What an amazing weekend for our Year 7 PGL netball weekend! They have participated in a netball tournament and many outdoor activities: giant swing, zip wire, high ropes, trapeze and abseiling! We’ve had a great time in the glorious sunshine, had a silent disco last night and met Jayda Pechova who plays for Superleague Netball team, Team Bath.

Huge congratulations to all 5 teams who, for the first time, all made the semi-finals!

Presdales 1 WON the Year 7/8 tournament not losing a match all weekend

Presdales 2 came runners up in the Year 7/8 tournament only losing to Presdales 1 in the final

Presdales 5 came runners up in the Year 7 tournament

Presdales 3 and 4 came joint 3rd place in the Year 7 tournament

Players player for each team was:

Presdales 1: Daphne F

Presdales 2: Thandie B

Presdales 3: Hazel P

Presdales 4: Maisy W

Presdales 5: Shannon O

Coaches player for each team was:

Presdales 1: Tami O

Presdales 2: Liv M

Presdales 3: Zosia M

Presdales 4: Eva P

Presdales 5: Skye M

German Partnership Exchange

Earlier this term we were able to welcome 24 students to Presdales for the first time, from our German Partnership school  ‘Gymnasium am Neandertal’ (Gymneander for short!). They were with us for five days experiencing life in an English school with a full programme of events both in and out of school including lessons, baking scones, visits to the Lido, Scott’s Grotto, a Town trail, an evening bowling, an afternoon tea and visits to London. It was lovely to see our students taking good care of their partners, who they had already visited in Germany, and friendships developing with our students across the school. Thank you to  parents and carers who have supported this new venture, which we hope will continue to develop and grow. The photos here show our students and their partners really did exchange ideas and experiences.

Italian Trip to Rome