Year 7 and 8 Netball Tournament at PGL

We have had a brilliant sunny weekend at PGL with the Year 7 and 8 netball teams!  The girls have played some excellent netball and competed against 12 schools in each year group. The girls came in the following positions;

Year 7A – Champions

Year 7B – 3rd place

Year 7C – 10th place

Year 8A – runners up

Year 8B – 3rd place

We have selected players of the tournament for each team over the weekend:

Year 7A – Lyra Reason

Year 7B – Kennedy Scott

Year 7C – Alice Redhead

Year 8A – Anya Pettit

Year 8B – Evelyn Pearce

Well done everyone!

The girls have been doing lots of activities when not playing netball, including, zip wire, giant swing, abseiling and climbing!

They have also met Sophie Drakeford-Lewis who plays for Team Bath and England Roses.

Bar Mock Trial 2021-2022

Success this year in the Bar Mock Trial was that it went ahead! Just about.

We were unable to defend our title as ‘Outer London Heat Winners’ as Snaresbrook Crown Court (like most of the Crown Courts in the country) was unavailable for use because of the huge backlog of cases the justice system is still trying to process after Covid.

Instead, on March 1st, we were (i) thrown together into a ragbag “Cambridge consortium” with schools from all around the South East of England and (ii) required to perform virtually in a Zoom meet, which seriously tested Mr Spurgeon’s computer skills.

The teams did brilliantly with excellent performances from witnesses facing intense (and occasionally bizarre) cross-examination, barristers giving powerful opening and closing speeches and ushers & clerks dealing expertly with court admin. Despite the judging at times leaving a little to be desired, the defence teams, amid great celebration, successfully secured the acquittal of both our defendants.

Well done to all who took part and kept up their enthusiasm for the cases over the long time period we had to wait from September to March. Also as a group we would like to officially thank the University of Hertfordshire Law Faculty for allowing us to dress up and use their courtroom (which has apparently appeared several times in court scenes in ‘Eastenders’) to practise in, and to the Head for helping us fund the trip.

Design & Technology Trip – Design Museum

On Thursday 11th November, the Design and Technology department went on their first trip since Covid began. Fifty Product Design students from Year 11, 12 and 13 attended the trip, which made the day a real treat to be on as a member of staff.We arrived at almost 11am, so on our arrival we observed the two minute silence for Remembrance Day. The students were a real credit to the school, and staff were super proud of how they conducted themselves in the Museum.The exhibition, ‘Waste Age’ did not disappoint. So many different things to see, and projects that are happening all over the world, where designers are looking at ways of being more sustainable. Design and Technology as a subject involves many topics that relate to the environment, as well as exploring the social, ethical, moral and cultural aspects of design in society. Students found it super interesting, linking it to the current COP26 Conference in Glasgow.Some of the exhibition pieces were; plastics that are fully biodegradable and reusable, building blocks made from waste construction materials, plants that can be manipulated to make thread for clothing, and what other countries around the world are doing to reduce domestic waste. Here is the website if you would like to have a look at what else is on at The Design Museum; www.designmuseum.orgTo make the trip a bit more fun, students were set a challenge, with this year’s being ‘The Chocolate Challenge’. Students had to take photos of themselves with certain named exhibition pieces…well done to Anthe and Jamie (Year 13), Holly, Maddie, Katie and Mollie (Year 12), and Sarah, Stephanie, Daisy, Kim and Sophia (Year 11) for completing the challenge. Please see some of the photos below from this challenge.Thank you to Mrs Garcia, Mrs Dray and Mrs Albone for also coming along on trip, and to the students for making our first trip in two years such a pleasure to be on.Mrs Schillaci-Rowland

News from Politics …

Year 8 Maths Trip to the Isle of Wight 2021

Year 8 are all having a great time on their Maths Trip to the Isle of Wight this week!

Lots of challenging but fun activities and day 2 started with amazing weather!

Year 12 Trip to Brunel University for the UCAS Exhibition

Last Wednesday we took our Year 12 students to the annual UCAS exhibition at Brunel University. On the trip, students had the opportunity to speak to a large number of university representatives and other post-18 options, including Degree Apprenticeship Co-ordinators, and the Army and Navy. Students spent a few hours walking around the exhibition gathering information from different providers and speaking to current university students about what life at university is like. Students even got the opportunity to tour the grounds and buy lunch in one of the many cafés on campus.

‘On our trip to Brunel UCAS Exhibition I spoke to several universities which I am interested in attending and gained further knowledge on their entry requirements and open days. Many helped me narrow down my course options and career path into Psychology and Law, and gave me an idea for next steps into my university research, through attending future lectures and gaining work experience to improve my application. Overall, it was a very inspiring and helpful day enjoyed by all!’ – Libby

‘I found the trip great fun and it really opened my mind to all the options available to me post-sixth form. I managed to visit all the universities that I had an interest in and get a feel for a university environment. All the questions and sceptical feelings I had towards university were answered and explained. I would definitely recommend attending this event to the Year 12 students next year.’ – Luke

‘At Brunel UCAS exhibitions, we were able to see lots of different universities from all over the UK. It gave us an opportunity to find out more about the courses that are available and a bit more about university life. We could also find out about options other than university, such as apprenticeships and the army. It was very useful in helping me to decide what and where I want to go and do after sixth form.’ – Rebecca

TECH 4.0 Project – FANUC Visit, Coventry

On Wednesday 5th February we went to Fanuc Coventry, we saw many amazing robots and delved into what engineering careers had to offer. As we entered, we were greeted by members of FANUC. We were able to see some of their robots which were displayed. Robots in green were human friendly meaning if it comes into contact with someone it will stop what it is doing. Whilst yellow robots do not and are kind of dangerous.

We then had an introduction from representatives from the PPMA, who told us about the companies involved in the project. An apprentice then took us on a tour around the rest of the factory.

After the tour, we came back and they explained what the next 10 weeks would entail. They suggested how to set out a plan for the next 10 weeks and learnt a bit about Gantt Charts. We also had an activity involving Lego and one involving a paperclip.

In the end we had a great experience looking at robots and learning a few more things about engineering and robots. We are hoping to raise the 8% of women working in the industry to 50%!

Thea, Alice, Isabella, Louisa, Becky and Mariam (Year 9)

Year 12 Psychology Trip to Poland