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Sixth Form Virtual Open Evening

National Fitness Week

Last week during SMSC, all students learnt about the importance of Fitness and why having a healthy active lifestyle is so important. National Fitness Day was on Wednesday 23rd September 2020 and the day is a chance to highlight the role physical activity plays across the UK, helping us raise awareness of its importance in helping us lead healthier and active lifestyles. National Fitness Day is the most active day of the year and the day to celebrate the role that physical activity plays across the UK. It is a day when people of all ages, backgrounds and abilities come together to celebrate the fun of fitness. The day brings the nation together to remind us why it’s good to move, highlighting the role that physical activity plays in helping us lead healthier, happier lives both physically and mentally.

At Presdales we celebrated it over this whole week with a different year group each day joining the PE department and Presdales staff for a walk/jog/run at lunchtime on the field. It was great to see so many students and staff involved! A huge well done to those who joined us for some fitness and R1’s have been given to those who participated. During form time students also completed a form ‘Instagram’ page to promote National Fitness Day – please see the photo below for their fantastic quotes/inspiring pictures displayed in the Sports Hall.

Mrs Dann
Head of PE

News from Maths

UKMT Intermediate Maths Challenge

The UKMT Intermediate Maths Challenge took place on Thursday 6th February. 174 girls from Year 9,10 and 11 entered the 1 hour long challenging pencil and paper competition, with problems requiring significant out-of-the-box thinking. Certificates were awarded to the following 75 students:

Year 11

Hester Peart GOLD
Yuxi Chen GOLD
Elisenda Henderson GOLD
Ruby Cain SILVER
Emily Mayes SILVER
Vanessa Liu SILVER
Iona Dixon SILVER
Olivia Reynolds SILVER
Alex Crewe SILVER
Rebecca Sheffield SILVER
Amelia Botting SILVER
Evie Reilly SILVER
Amelie Anstead SILVER
Matilda Moore BRONZE
Molly Marriott BRONZE
Amelia Green BRONZE
Giselle Garrott BRONZE
Georgina Waller BRONZE
Harriet FowlerNoon BRONZE
Isabel O’Reilly BRONZE
Amelia Fosher BRONZE
Madison Hunter BRONZE
Alex Kavanagh BRONZE
Lily Woodward BRONZE
Verona Richardson BRONZE
Rin Mitchell O’Reilly BRONZE

Year 10

Niharika Jha GOLD
Opeyemi Adenekan SILVER
Emilia Johnson SILVER
Ishara Hettiarachchi SILVER
Maeva Leroux SILVER
Tabitha Legg SILVER
Maggie Bristow SILVER
Lotty Hobson SILVER
Leah Manning SILVER
Gbayike Adekola BRONZE
Madeleine Stewart BRONZE
Ria Cabbani BRONZE
Darcy Chance BRONZE
Isobel Souter BRONZE
Madeline Robb BRONZE
Maisie Pryke BRONZE
Elizabeth Brand BRONZE
Jodie Austin BRONZE
Madeline Fowler Noon BRONZE
Bethan Sleath BRONZE
Katie Swindell BRONZE
Lauren Byrne BRONZE
Isobel Foxon BRONZE

Year 9

Juliette Mckenna GOLD
Laura Wilkinson SILVER
Evie Martin SILVER
Kim Pittaccio SILVER
Ella Richardson SILVER
Ami Unadkat SILVER
Juliette James SILVER
Stephanie Moor SILVER
Lydia Freeman SILVER
Caitlin Flatman SILVER
Josie English SILVER
Maisie Johnson BRONZE
Emily Sheffield BRONZE
YuQiong Chen BRONZE
Alexis Broad BRONZE
Emily Srikantha BRONZE
Madeline Parry BRONZE
Jasmine Marshall BRONZE
Melissa Komodromou BRONZE
Hannah Nash BRONZE
Holly Coleman BRONZE
Matilda Endersbee BRONZE
Saoirse Slater BRONZE
Grace Cox BRONZE
Lucy Sacre BRONZE
Ellen Hair BRONZE

In addition, nine girls have been selected to take part in the follow-on round competition called the Grey/Pink Kangaroo. This takes place on the 19th March and we wish them well. High achievers in this may well be invited to Maths Summer schools or rounds.

Hester Peart
Juliette Mckenna
Niharika Jha
Yuxi Chen
Elisenda Henderson
Laura Wilkinson
Evie Martin
Kim Pittaccio
Ella Richardson

Mrs Rugg-Gunn
Head of Maths

Year 10 Maths Feast

Two teams of Year 10 students were accompanied by Mrs Share and Dr Gale to the Year 10 Maths Feast at John Warner School. There were lots of local schools represented and our teams of Isobel, Zoe, Opeyemi, Maeva, Niharika, Emilia, Lotty and Madeline had a great morning of maths which tested problem-solving and teamwork skills.

There were several rounds requiring different knowledge and strategies for success and we were awarded a certificate for high scoring in all the rounds.

The girls worked together brilliantly and supported each other so well to solve some really challenging problems, requiring great resilience. Well done to them all!

News from English

World Book Day 2020

Students and staff enjoyed World Book Day at Presdales on Thursday 5 March, with some of the teachers dressing as book characters. Pictured are Mrs Teal as Little Red Riding Hood, Mr Samways as George from “Of Mice and Men” and Miss Turner as Matilda. Miss Jennings also joined in as the Italian writer Dante.

Students had the chance to compete in a literary treasure hunt around the school at lunchtime, answering questions on a range of books from Winnie the Pooh to The Hunger Games. All the answers were numbers and competitors had to add them all together to come up with the solution. Well done to Deborah in Year 13 who was first to the library with the correct answers!

Chapter One… creative writing competition

A reminder that the House Creative Writing Competition deadline is on Monday 9 March (extended from Thursday). The task is to write the opening chapter of a mystery story in 800 words or fewer. Choose from the following titles:

The Secret of Annex 263
The Buckingham Palace Mystery
The Window Cracked From Side to Side
Last Bus to Montgomery
The Purple Daffodil
The Curious Incident of the Lamp in the Night-Time

The judging panel includes children’s author Alice Hemming, who will be visiting the school on Friday 13 March to give a talk to Year 7 and award the prizes for the competition at our lunchtime awards ceremony.

Ms Hobbs

Year 11 GCSE Food Preparation students wow Staff and Visitors!