Presdales School Summer Fete

Italian Trip to Rome

Last week the Italian department took 51 students and 6 teachers to beautiful sunny Rome.

On Monday, we flew to Rome to be greeted with the most wonderful 22° heat. That day we went to the glamorous Vittoriano building which was created in the early 1900s to commemorate the unification of Italy. We went to the top of the building in a glass elevator and were met with the most impressive views of the city from above. Later, we went to dinner and had traditional pasta alla carbonara and Roman chicken. Following that, we went to the Trevi fountain and threw a coin over our left shoulder to ensure we would return to Rome.

The next day, we visited a stunning church by our hotel called “Santa Maria Maggiore” that was lined with beautiful gold ceilings and incredible architecture. Later, we went to the Giovanni Fassi Gelateria which is the oldest of its kind where we learned about its incredible history and tasted some of the best gelato of the whole trip. After getting energised from the gelato, we did a walking tour around the ancient city, visiting the Colosseum and the Roman Forum. We were taught about how the Colosseum was used as a place to watch gladiators fight. Following this educating yet exhausting experience, we sat down and ate pasta al pomodoro, followed by pork and chips, at Mino’s restaurant. After dinner we took a stroll to the Piazza di Spagna and saw the Spanish steps by night which was an incredible sight.

On Wednesday morning, we took the Metro to the Vatican city. We stood in awe of the beauty of St Peter’s basilica and we even saw the Pope on the big screens as he was doing his weekly Wednesday morning visit to meet people in the piazza. We had some free time near the basilica to buy some souvenirs before getting some lunch and heading to the Vatican Museum. There we split up into 3 groups where we explored the museum which contained loads of different artefacts from ancient Greece and Rome, as well as the magnificent Sistine Chapel. After a look inside the Basilica where we saw glorious statues, artwork and even a sermon going on, we headed over to the shops on Via del Corso before dining at an authentic pizzeria.

On the final day, we did another walking tour where we visited the Pantheon, a former Roman temple, dating back to 609 AD. Then we visited various other piazzas until we ended at the Campo de’ Fiori where we had our lunch. We spent the afternoon perusing the shops.

I can say this trip was one of the best that the school offers, (maybe even the best) as not only did I learn so much, I also spoke to people I would never have spoken to before if it weren’t for this common opportunity and of course practised the language. I would also like to thank Mrs Evenden for all the hard work she had put in to make this trip possible as well as all the rest of the members of staff on the trip that sacrificed so much of their free time to help us.

Chara Pylarinou, Year 9

Comments from students:

The best trip of my life. It was a once in a lifetime experience and I loved it! Ronnie, Year 9.

I couldn’t believe it was already time to go home! I think my favourite place we visited was the Roman Forum, walking along the same paths that the Romans had 2000 years ago just felt amazing. Il cibo è molto delizioso! Hannah, Year 9.

I loved this trip so much. Every day I was there I experienced new beautiful famous places in Rome. I also loved being there with my friends and we made so many memories together and the photos are amazing. Would definitely recommend the Rome trip, the best I have been on so far one hundred per cent! Jasmine, Year 9.

It was such an enjoyable experience! Especially getting to know new people and the teachers try their very best to make sure everyone is ok and feels included. The sites in Rome are really splendid and the food is delicious. I particularly enjoyed pizza and the gelato. Georgia, Year 9 .

The trip was the best school trip I have ever gone on! The room was really nice and the places we got to go visit were incredible to see. The food was obviously delicious and I will forever love the sweets “tagada” which me and my friends had lots of! Tina, Year 10.

Rome has been my favourite country that I have visited by far. We went to the oldest ice cream factory and made gelato and it was incredible. We also went to the Colosseum as well as the famous Trevi fountain which made me feel like I was in Lizzie Mcguire. Then we climbed the Spanish steps which had an amazing view. Let’s not forget about all the pizza and pasta that we ate too. It was full of amazing memories that will last forever. I really encourage anyone who takes Italian to go on this trip because you would not want to miss it. Athena, Year 10.

This was genuinely the best school trip I have ever been on. Everything about it just made it so so good. I recommend going as I have made so many memories. Laura, Year 9

Best trip I’ve ever been on, I liked learning about Italian culture but most importantly I loved eating the food! Willow, Year 9

German Partnership Exchange

German Partnership Exchange : 18th-24th March 2024

It was an early start on Monday morning to get to Heathrow for our flight to Düsseldorf at 7.10am! The journey to Germany marked the beginning of a further development in our established partnership with the ‘Gymnasium am Neandertal’ in Erkrath near Düsseldorf. This reciprocal exchange visit was a little different to a traditional Exchange. Our students were matched with a German student of a similar age and with some things in common to help with communication. We stayed together in a local youth hostel and travelled each day to school using public transport to meet with partners, attend lessons and get involved in joint projects together. Our students were immersed in German culture and customs and were able to use the language learnt in class to find their way. Students explored both Düsseldorf and the town of Erkrath in small groups using a Rallye designed by the German students. We ate in school in the canteen, made Pizzas together and parents contributed to a farewell waffle party. We explored the differences between the school systems and the lives of young people in our two countries. We had lots of fun throwing eggs from the fourth floor of the school without them breaking! Each group was given cardboard, polystyrene and sticky tape to design protection for the eggs. Much to my surprise, not a single egg was broken! Every day was packed with activities and negotiating many trains, trams, underground trains and buses but we still found time to shop, visit Cologne, go to the zoo, look at the cathedral, have a ride on the Ferris wheel and go bowling.

Our students took it all in their stride and were wonderful ambassadors for Presdales. They are looking forward to welcoming their German partners to our school 5th-9th May 2024, where they will take part in a similar programme.

Comments from students:

German exchange trip I really enjoyed the exchange trip as I got to meet my partner and her friends and really get to know her. I asked her all sorts of questions and saw what it was like to go to her school. It was interesting to see how everyone learns at das Gymnasium am Neandertal and see how different everything was there. I enjoyed bowling and going to the zoo because it was a very different experience and it looked very different from our zoo and bowling that we have here.

My favourite part of the German trip was das Gymnasium am Neandertal (their school) because I think it was fun and interesting the way their school differs from ours. For example, they had free periods where they could do their homework and how the school uniform system works. I also enjoyed the waffles that some of the Germans made us, it was sehr lecker!! Finally, I really enjoyed going to the zoo and seeing all the different animals as well as getting my Spaghettieis!


I really liked the German exchange trip. It was very interesting to see how their school is different from ours. For example, they have free periods and also learn Latin.

My favourite part of the German trip is when we went to the German school, das Gymnasium am Neandertal, and we saw how their school worked. The differences between their school and our school is that they have free periods, no school uniform and they have Latin as another subject.

I went round a German school and got to be a German student for a few days, got to go on a tour around their local area and Düsseldorf, went to the zoo and went bowling! My highlight of the trip was going to the German school and learning about what they learn about. If the German department decides to do another exchange like this, I would highly recommend it because I thought it was a great opportunity to explore Germany a bit further.

I really enjoyed meeting my German Partner and getting to know her. Thankfully, she spoke pretty good English making it easier to communicate. She was very eager to get to know me and asked me lots of questions and conversation starters. I also liked going to their school. They were a completely different feel to our school but it was interesting to learn how it all works.

I really enjoyed the German trip and getting to know about the German schools and their school routine. I enjoyed having a partner for a week, we got on very well and I can’t wait for them to come to us in May. It was a great experience and a lot of fun.

Model United Nations

by Rachel and Maddie (Year 12)

VolkerHighways and VolkerFitzpatrick Open Doors Event

On Monday 18th March, 12 Year 10 students visited Volker head office to explore career opportunities available within the construction industry.

The VolkerVessels trip was an absolutely fascinating session – it was an incredibly eye-opening, door-opening afternoon. The trip started with a short PowerPoint presentation explaining VolkerVessels and who they are as a company, before breaking down many different careers in and paths into construction. We were presented with everything from hands-on jobs like electricians, to more office-based jobs like bid writers and planners. Everyone working there and helping us out was genuinely so lovely and so charismatic, and so willing to answer questions.

Following that, we moved around various different activities based off certain careers! They had all kinds of careers: procurement, HR, the digital work, hands-on electrical work, and more. We got to take 3D scans of our environment on programs, try our hand at wiring a lamp-post, spot risks in real-life situations, and so much more! It really did open my eyes to a whole new field with a world of opportunities, and it truly was jam-packed with knowledge and inspiration. Thank you to VolkerVessels, and to the Presdales Science Department!!!

Signing off, Beatrice Davis 🙂

Ski Trip 2024

During February half term, 78 students from Year 10-13 and 10 teachers travelled to Claviere in Italy for the school ski trip. The journey passed quickly, chatting, watching films and sleeping. We arrived on Saturday afternoon to settle into our lovely hotel, do our ski fit for ski equipment and early bed!

The weather was sunny all week, chilly at times but we did get snow on Thursday, making for some wet conditions on our final skiing day! We all had such great fun – the instructors were all so experienced and knowledgeable and everyone made great progress. The beginners were on red slopes on the second day!

We enjoyed our evening activities too; bowling, pizza night at a local pizzeria and karaoke – thank you to those amazing singers, treating us to some classic songs! Our hotel was in great location, just a short walk from the slopes, in the middle of a quiet town. We were treated to some great food; pasta, lasagne, burgers, hot dogs, chicken, salad, soup etc! We were so proud of the progress everyone made and for showing great resilience on some very challenging slopes, which at times were icy and covered of moguls!

We hope you all had a great time and made some lovely memories with your friends! Thank you to all the staff who came on the trip and accompanied the students during half term and Ms Young for her support with the administration and finance.

Mrs Dann and Miss Stitson

News from Art & Photography

Year 7

‘Alfred Basha’ inspired animals