STEAM Week 2022

STEAM week : 31st October to 4th November 2022

Virtual STEM Morning

On Tuesday 31st October Year 8 students participated in a virtual STEM morning. Through a live stream students meet Engineers. The students were given two Challenges. Working to a tight deadline, students built an Eco Factory Roller Loader, this was a marble run to safely move a product from A to B, the slower the better. Well done to the winning group, Jemima, Kennedy, Liv, Millie, Charlotte and Emily. The second challenge was called BEST Pitch, teams had to brainstorm and come up with an idea for an invention or piece of tech, and then present their ideas to the others in their form group. The winning idea was a Colour Changing Radiator. Excellent work by Mia, Gabby, Mia, Sienna R and Sienna Musk.

“I really enjoyed the virtual steam week video call because it was fun and gave a lot of inspiration to do a stem involved job. My favourite part is when we had to make a marble take the longest to touch the floor whilst moving. Overall, it was a great experience and recommend it for future years”. Amelie Langford

Medical Mavericks

On Wednesday Medical Mavericks spent time with Year 9, they explored different professions in the NHS and had a chance to try out a range of medical equipment.

• Ultrasound • Pulse Doppler • Keyhole Surgery • Blood vessels infrared Vein scanner • Recording an ECG • Exploring the eye • Hearing • Reflexes

What the students had to say:

‘I really enjoyed Medical Mavericks. It was really fun and exciting to learn about what practice is like with different professions. I love learning about the less well known jobs. The activities were interesting, I especially enjoyed the drunk goggles and looking at growth plates to see if I was going to grow taller. Great experience.’ Athene 9IS

‘I loved the Medical Mavericks lesson. I really enjoyed being able to use all the equipment that would actually be used in a hospital.’

‘The Medical Mavericks was an interesting experience. It allowed us to do things with proper/ modified medical equipment. I enjoyed doing keyhole surgery. Drawing blood was definitely the worst, it was difficult. I was the session had been longer!’ Cecilia 9IS

‘I really enjoyed Medical Mavericks, as it gave us a taster activity into what the different Jobs are in the NHS. I think it was really cool how they can tell if we will grow taller or not. That was my favourite.’ Marlee 9IS

Dr Tina Chowdhury

On Thursday morning Dr Tina Chowdhury came in and talked to students in the Upper School about her research and work in Bioengineering. Dr Chowdhury works with a cross-disciplinary research team at Queen Mary’s. Her work looks into preterm premature rupture of the fetal membrane. Her team are working hard to find solutions and also investigating the possible cause, including black carbon particles (from pollution) and their presence in the fetus.

Green Engineering

Simon Green and Chelsie Graffato gave a presentation to Year 10 about Green Building Design. Simon is a local Green Building Design consultant. They shared the experiences with the students, describing the different areas of building service engineering, the skills required and the pathways into engineering.

STEAM Week – 31st October – 4th November

When students return after half term we will be hosting our first STEAM week. This will encourage students to think about careers and promote valuable skills required for their future.

Activities taking place include:

• Virtual STEM morning for Year 8 (working with the PPMA)

• Medical Mavericks for Year 9

• Guest Speakers for Year 10-13

• DT Careers morning for Year 9 (an exciting range of fashion, textiles, product and industrial designers who will run workshops throughout the morning)

The following week is Bebra Coding Competition, open to all year groups, if students would like to participate, please see Mr Bedwell.

Year 7 students have more events to come, including an Arts careers afternoon and an Army STEM day.

Finally, if you have a career in STEAM we would love to hear from you, it would be wonderful if you could share your experiences with Presdales students. Please email or

Year 7 Robotics Club

This Wednesday, the Year 7 Robotics Club travelled to RAF Honington to compete against other schools in a number of challenges with a Lego Mindstorms robot which they have spent the past months building and programming.

They had a fantastic day learning about engineering opportunities within the RAF and competing in a number of challenges against other schools, including winning first prize in the challenge to present and explain their robot design to a panel of RAF engineers.

Congratulations to Anna Stichbury, Scarlett Mills, Hollie Adkin, Amelie Langford and Molly Price on their fantastic achievement.

Medical Mavericks