News from Art & Photography

Year 7

‘Alfred Basha’ inspired animals

Year 7 have shown so much enthusiasm designing their pen animal illustrations. I think you would agree that they have designed some wonderful, imaginative designs.

Well done!

Year 8

‘Mexican Day of the Dead Festival’

‘Dia De Los Muertos’

Year 8 have made wonderful, creative, colourful Clay skulls inspired by the Mexican festival.

Year 9

Flight mixed media pages

Year 9 have been exploring a variety of materials – layering watercolours, markmaking with pen, colour pencil blending and collage. The students have produced beautifully presented double pages based on the theme flight. This project is leading to a selection of surreal outcomes from box Art, Playing card designs and mobiles. We shall post their final pieces after Easter.

Year 10

Year 10 have been working on studies of sweet treats. They have been exploring a range of media and creating colourful compositions. The next stage of their project is ‘Meal times’ which is leading towards Final individual outcomes for Year 10 mock exams.

We are looking forward to sharing their outcomes with you in future PressTales.

Year 12 Photography

Exciting collection of Year 12 photography exploring portraiture, focal points, exposure and contrast.