News from Art and Photography

News from Art and Photography

News from Art and Photography

News from Art …

News from Art and Photography

Artists and Photographers of the Month – January

Artists of the Month

Year 7 : Grace McMenamin

Year 8 : Kamilah Abubakari

Year 9 : Freya Naylor-Stewart

Year 10 : Charis Church

Year 10 : Emily Ells

Year 11 : Eden Woodley

Year 11 : Liliana Watkins

Year 12 : Safa Ahmad

Year 13 : Shania Dharmakeerthi

Photographers of the Month

Year 12 : Jamie-Leigh Lawrence

Year 13 : Alessia Mariotti


Congratulations from the Art Department!


News from Art

Year 9 have produced some exciting and beautifully presented surrealist research homework. Over the next few weeks, they will be creating their own surreal designs linked to the theme of inside/outside. I cannot wait to see their final outcomes.

Mrs Page


News from Art & Photography

We were lucky enough to have five past pupils from the Creative Arts visit our Sixth form lessons at the end of December. They presented their current work and explained their successful journey into the field of Art, Sculpture and Photography. They answered questions from the pupils and gave careers advice. Thank you so much to Josie Bell, Imogen Patel, Beth Pearse, Courtney King and Ella West for their time and wonderful insights.

Mrs E Bird 

News from Art & Photography

Year 10/11 House Art competition – ‘Healthy Eating’

Well done to all the students who entered our competition. Our overall winner is Elizabeth Brand in Year 10 in Windsor.

Our 5 runners-up are Wiktoria Luksza, Year 10 Nightingale; Beckie Kennard, Year 11 Parks; Ellie Archer, Year 10 Nightingale; Abbie Cannell, Year 10 Frank; Summer Leighton, Year 10 Frank.

Congratulations to you all. There will be a display of the work near the hall shortly.

Headteacher’s Award for Art and Photography

This term, the awards go to Jessica Whitby (Year 13) for her portrait entitled ‘Richard’ and Phillippa Gillingham’s (Year 13) cured pencil piece of lizards.

Congratulations to you both.

News from Art & Photography

Year 13 Art Exam

Our Year 13 Art students completed their 15 hour Art Mock Examination today. They produced a variety of eye-catching compositions working in medias such as mono printing, embroidery, low relief 2D, acrylic, to name a few. Here is a sneak peak, but the whole selection of work will be exhibited at in the Summer Show in Presdales Art department in June.

Well done for all of your hard work girls!

Work by Anna Livingstone, Amy Lodge, Pippa Gillingham, Rachel Ward and Jessica Whitby.

Mrs Bird

Year 9

Year 9 have been working on the theme of ‘outside’ this term. Their experimental work displays an array of skills from inks, pen to collage. After Christmas, we will be observing objects from inside, creating a still-life study. The final outcome, a surreal juxtaposition of both elements of inside and out.