Speech Day 2023!

On Monday 18th December, we were delighted to invite our amazing ex year 11 and 13 students to celebrate their fantastic achievements and superb exam results. It was lovely to see family, friends and teachers come together to celebrate all the hard work of our students.

The ceremony was largely influenced by the senior sixth form team: Adesola, Gracie and George led the event and the senior student team started the celebrations with a summary of Presdales life in the last year. An abundance of trips, certificates, and some fabulous achievements across all subjects, where the students and staff have had a great year.

Then, we were graced with some gorgeous musical items by Presdales’ finest. Georgiana Fowler, in year 11, played a beautiful rendition of Chanson de Matin. Whilst Callum Tredgett, in year 13, rocked the hall with his guitar.

We were lucky to have an inspiring guest speaker, Sala Abdalla, a surgeon who is one of the most qualified in her field. An inspirational speech followed, where Sala explained that life had not always been easy. Born in Sudan, her family had to flee when she was only ten years old. Settling in England as a refugee, Sala knew difficulties lay ahead; a language barrier, her heritage, and not fitting the stereotype of a ‘typical’ doctor. However, Sala persevered, worked hard, and explained how you should aspire to be anything you want, whatever your background, skin colour, economic status, or any other perceived barriers in your life. Sala’s early upbringing has made her sensitive to the needs of underserved people and she had returned only days before from West Africa for another charity surgical mission where she had been delivering free surgeries to patients in deprived communities. The students were visibly moved by Sala’s speech, and we are very grateful to have had such an inspirational role model speak to our students.

Speech day was drawn to a close by our ex head girl and deputy head student. Hannah Stapleton and Charlie Waring explained how it was lovely to return to Presdales, but it was also exciting to start a new chapter and to play ‘the main characters in their own lives’. We are so proud of our students, and all they have achieved. We hope they all feel accomplished with their successes and that they have left school ready to be a main character.

News from Design & Technology

Gingerbread Challenge

It’s the most wonderful time of the year in the food department! As part of their Christmas Bakery project, our Year 10 GCSE Food Preparation and Nutrition students have ended on a high note making their Gingerbread houses. The quality of the bakes and decorations was excellent. The Gingerbread houses were wrapped so the students could take them home to share with family and friends. Wishing you all a wonderful Christmas.

Design & Technology Super Curriculum submission of the term

Lottie Fellows submitted the following Product Design Super Curriculum Modelling activity this term.

Lottie chose to recreate a lamp she found at home, using old cardboard of different thicknesses and parcel paper. Lottie carefully photographed each step of the process.

Working in an art studio Lottie made a scale model of the lamp. She measured each piece and cut them out using a craft knife and ruler to achieve a sharp, straight line. The pieces were then assembled using a glue gun to stick them together before adding the final touches, like the switch, plug and bolts.

I’m sure you will agree Lottie has done an amazing job and the model lamp is a terrific success.

STEAM Fortnight – November 2023

Dance Evening 2023!