From Art and Photography …

A celebration of Art work created by our KS3 Art students during the lockdown

A celebration of KS4 Art work during lockdown

Here is just a small selection of the fantastic work created at home by our GCSE pupils. Well done to you all for keeping motivated and enthusiastic. Good luck next year and enjoy your Summer holidays!

Mrs Francis

A celebration of Art work created by our KS5 Art students during the lockdown

Well done to all of you over this difficult time. The work you have produced is wonderful and will help you to gain fantastic A level results next year. Have a wonderful summer.

Mrs Francis

Year 12 Photography

A wide ranging collection to show some of the work the year 12 photography students have been creating over the lockdown. I am highly impressed by your creativity and resilience to continue with such amazing images in really challenging circumstances. Well done and hope you have a lovely summer.

Miss Sykes

From Italian …

Year 9

Year 9 have been continuing their unit on film and this week they have produced some beautifully written presentations and emails about their favourite actors/ actresses. This required independent research and planning as well as using the correct technical terminology to talk about film careers. Here are some brilliant examples of students Amelia Di Salvo, Adesola Jinadu-Adewale and Sophia Re writing about their favourite actors.

From Business …

Year 9 GCSE Bridging Work

For Year 9 bridging work, students were asked to explain a business idea and how they would market and sell it, including a section on the risks of this business idea.

From Design and Technology …

Year 9 Bridging Work to Year 10

Grace Collins – Great annotation of three iconic LP covers that span several decades. Nice layout too-well done Grace!

Daisy Keenan – Excellent example of LP covers through the decades. Neat layout and excellent analysis too-well done Daisy!

Mia Nicholl – Brilliant example of sourcing and analysing iconic LP covers through different decades, showing a real understanding of the graphic design-super annotation-well done Mia!

Rhianna Venables – A great design sheet, laid out really well, showing clearly the iconic LP covers through the decades-the additional covers are a brilliant addition to show the design style at the time-well done Rhianna!

Sophie Christer – A super piece of work showing iconic LP covers over the decades. Super research and excellent annotation leads to a perfect set up for the LP cover project in Septemeber-well done Sophie!

Sophia Re – Wonderful examples of iconic LP covers over the last few decades. The annotation is superb, showing excellent understanding of the links with society at the time. Well done Sophia-work worthy of any great GCSE Graphics student!

STEM Challenge – The Great British Space Dinner

For our latest STEM Challenge our student were creative chefs tasked to design and develop a main meal to be launched and eaten on the ISS by Tim Peake. There menu had to have a British flavour and take into account the nutritional requirements of astronauts.

We had entries from the following students:

Year 7
Abbie Oldham
Alice Lynn
Beth Unwin
Emily Reason
Grace McMenamin
Martha Ker
Lily Norman
Neive Reid
Nefeli Tasamilli
Eva Gaston

Year 8
Abbie Norris
Emma Butterfield
Lucy Butterfield
Isobelle Smith
Rachel Harvey

Year 9
Holly Googan
Olivia Baldwin

The Year 7 winner is Abbie Oldham, Year 8 winner is Isobelle Smith and Year 9 winner is Olivia Baldwin.

Special mention to:
Emily Reason for her creative us of flavours.
Neive Reid for making her Baggers and Mash.
Martha and Lily for their use of classic British ingredients and recipes.
Nefeli’s excellent presentation skills