From Design and Technology …

Years 7 and 8 Project Week

Last week’s challenge for Year 7 and 8 was organised by the Design and Technology Department, with the theme being Design and Technology Bingo! We wanted to create a challenge that would be fun and exciting, and encompasses the different Design and Technology specialisms.

Please see the grid below to see what the students had to do. We are incredibly proud of the work that the Year 7 and 8 students produced, and we are sure you will agree with us that it looks like they had great fun!

As a department we have been overwhelmed by the full participation from the Year 7 and 8s, with many commenting how much they enjoyed completing the tasks. Many have been rewarded with Reward Points for excellent effort and outcomes. Perhaps families might enjoy attempting the Bingo Challenge as something to do over the summer together – have fun!

Year 7

Year 8

Year 9 GCSE Bridging Work

Grace Collins – Company information that shows some excellent research skills, and linking it to society-well done Grace!

Thea Galaxy – A fantastic analysis on a product to showcase what Design in Society is and why it is important to understand all the different design elements to be able to then go on and design for particular markets-well done Thea!

From Food Technology …

Year 7

As part of the DT Project week Year 7 have turned in some amazing Food work which I would like to share with you. Student contributions from Grace Brown, Tilly Hermon, Ruby Robinson, Anna Starovoit, Isabel Beswick, Isabel Brooke, Immie Baldwin, Mia Edmondson, Amelie Wiltshire and Alexi Wittey.

Anna Starovoit

From Art and Photography …

Year 9 Bridging work leading to GCSE Fine Art

Please take a look at the wonderful work sent to us from our Year 9 Art students! These are sectioned studies created in a variety of media to practice techniques. Well done to you all for these pieces and all your continued hard work and enthusiasm.

Mrs Francis

Year 11 Bridging Work for A Level Photography 

Year 11 Photography A-level Bridging students have been working incredibly hard on their project ‘Aspects of Light’. I am highly impressed by their creativity and resourcefulness to create their own shoots with what they have at home. Some really excellent work.

Miss Sykes

From Italian …

Year 9

Year 9 have been working on a unit in Italian to learn and talk about films. Here are three of the wonderful film reviews that have been written, about The Goldfinch, Romeo & Juliet and Pitch Perfect. Buona visione!