Bar Mock Trial 2021

Despite Covid, despite lockdown and despite the usual heavy workload of year 12, the Bar Mock Trial group have kept meeting doggedly throughout the past year. In September we conducted auditions to select our barristers and witnesses, who would be appearing in the trial, and by October half term we had three groups who were working hard for the regional heats after Christmas:

Team 1: Charlie-Lee Hopkins, Oyin Adewale, Amelia Botting, Azaria Gayle and Amelie Wisniewska-Sadok

Team 2: David Grice, Libby Mardell-Lines, Maddie Hunter, Myfamwy Harlow and Jake Yilmaz

Team 3: Emily Mayes, Iona Dixon, Becky Kennard, Nyah Lythall and Libby Robertson

In the New Year, as we all know, the plug was pulled and both regional heats and national finals disappeared from the calendar. When we returned from lockdown, however, meetings resumed and soon we had been paired with the Boclair Academy from Scotland to go head to head with a partner school, remotely, on Saturday 15th May. Sadly Boclair had to withdraw at the last minute (because of the pressures of exam grading!) but we went ahead ourselves anyway, furnishing both prosecution and defence, in the presence of our local legal consultant Ash Hornby (an ex-Met Police Detective) who was fulsome in his praise of the standard of the performance.

The court case? Well, Sunny Peters (Maddie Hunter) was charged with causing criminal damage at a “Save Our Climate” demonstration at Juraxis Energy. She smashed the car window of a security guard Nav Hayer (Nyah Lythall) with her placard. The prosecution were able to argue that she had no ‘legal excuse’ and the jury found her guilty as charged despite the character witness of her best friend, Jaylen Adiche (Myfamwy Harlow) and the best efforts of her defence team. She is currently awaiting sentence.

Congratulations to all who took part – an excellent team effort!

Mr Spurgeon

News from Biology …

Year 11

In Biology, 11B has been learning about genetic inheritance. We looked at how different alleles in genes determine the physical characteristics of offspring, and we welcomed our own marshmallow offspring to the world!

Royal Mail Heroes Stamp Competition

We would like to wish the best of luck to the following students for their fantastic ‘Stamp Entries’. Some original and colourful designs, well done everyone.

Aarya Kalyankar

Tilly Peart

Steph Winter

Lucy White

Farah Forbes Abdullah

Jessica Archer

Izzy Foxall

Rachel Reid

Laura Manning

Rebecca Youngman

Libby Senior Dickson

Grace West

Emily Man

Taniska Pawar

Phoebe Carter

Nefeli Tsamili

Amelie Wiltshire

Charlotte Moorcroft

Darcy Bennett

Alice Hawkins

Ellie Sopala

Emily Day

Lucy Norris

Lizzie Robinson

Isabel Florido

Chaya Grandage

Zoe Rose Thomas

Eliza Mann

Caitlin Lambourne

Isobel Inwood

Zahraa Khaled

Nadia Abrusiewicz

Isabel Wright

Lisa Prane

Agnese Prane


News from Russian …

Russian department Zoom call with a Russian Cosmonaut

On Tuesday the 20th of April, the Presdales Russian department were very lucky in being able to offer the Russian pupils a chance to meet Sergei Rysansky on zoom at lunch. A few other schools attended and we got a chance to hear about Sergei’s incredible career as a Russian cosmonaut. He played us a slideshow which documented the amazing adventures he had on his two space flights. My personal favourite moment was when he and his crew held the first pizza party ever in space. He also took over 350,000 pictures and showed us some of them. They were all incredible and really captured the beauty of our planet. But, it wasn’t all fun and games, when one member of his crew became very ill, Sergei had to perform surgery on him and it luckily all went to plan. Sergei told us that was his scariest moment on his trip. There was time at the end for a Q and A, where all the schools got a chance to ask him their questions and he gave fascinating in-depth answers to every one. He told us about the importance of learning languages in school as he had to learn English in order to go on his flight and learning another language opened many opportunities for him. Overall, it was a really interesting and fun to speak to a real cosmonaut and I would like to say a big thank you to Sergei and the Russian department for that fantastic opportunity.

Esme Sabin – Year 9


News from Design and Technology …

Year 8 – Eco Speaker Project – Woods Research (8uv2)

Year 8 have been busy working on researching woods and their properties, which will help them with the manufacturing of their eco-speakers. Some fantastic presentation skills have been shown, with students showing their creative flair, whilst ensuring that the work is informative.

Well done Year 8, a real pleasure to see so many great pieces of work!

Mrs Schillaci-Rowland

Year 7 French Club

Year 7 French club has started