Art & Photography News

Head’s Award

Congratulations to Amber Dunstan and Yuhsuan Chen in Year 13 who won the ‘Head’s Award’ this term. Their beautiful art work will be displayed in Mr Warren’s office.

Year 12 Art Print Workshop

We had the whole day off timetable to participate in a lino workshop, which consisted of carving our tiles and printing them with high quality inks. Doing this workshop allowed us to not only add another beautiful piece into our A-level books but also expand into other media. We were taught new techniques to improve and advance our lino skills. I found it very enjoyable and helpful as the art staff helped us choose our print design and size, as well as helping us throughout the day with the lino itself. With the materials and supplies the art department was able to provide us, our Year 12 class was able to produce fantastic quality prints.

Madison Meins

Year 12 Photography

Year 12 photographers are already taking some fabulous photos. Well done from the art department.


House Omelette Challenge

Last week, Design & Technology – Food hosted the first cooking challenge of the year. Teams of KS3 students representing each of the Houses were given 20 minutes to produce their omelette ready for the judging panel. The entries were judged on presentation, aroma, texture and flavour. The judges were impressed by the quality and creativity on display: it was the first time any of them had tasted a chocolate omelette!

Thank you to all those Year 7 – 9 students who took part. The students rose to the challenge producing some ‘eggcellent’ omelettes.

Special mention goes to Year 9 student Evie Murfett who produced a winning entry for Parks House and then kindly helped run the competition for the other year groups.

Thank you, also, to our special guest judge, Mrs Dray, former Head of Design Technology.

European Week of Languages

During the week of 23rd-27th September 2019, we celebrated the European Languages we teach in school with coloured bunting, a lunch menu with a European flavour and lunchtime activities including face painting, fan making and edible Russian bracelets. The bunting created by all students in Year 7-9, in both of their languages, became a House competition. The winners were

In tutor groups, we looked at languages which are not spoken such as sign language and ‘silbo gomero’ (made entirely of whistles We thought about why learning a language is important ( and watched clips of Pep Guardiola. He speaks 5 languages and often forgets which one he is meant to be speaking!


Monday lunchtime at the start of the European Week of languages at Presdales, Year 12 Russianists helped students make sushki bracelets.

Sushki are traditional Russian small, crunchy, mildly sweet, bread rings eaten for dessert, usually with tea or coffee. The word sushka has a common root with the Russian verb sushit “to dry”. Traditionally, sushki were strung on a string for selling on the street or at regional markets, so we made mini versions.

Congratulations to the Russian general knowledge quiz winners: Saffi Adams (Year 12) Daisy Reid (Year 8) and Zoe Puncher (Year 9).


Tuesday was Italian day. Pasta alla carbonara was laid on in the school canteen and some of our lovely Year 8 and Year 12 students tested their make-up artistry skills to decorate Presdalian faces and hands in the red, green and white of the Italian flag. The colours of the tricolore are said to represent the green of the Italian countryside, the white of the snow-capped mountains and the red of the blood shed during the unification of Italy in the 19th century.


The French Department has been very busy during the European Week of Languages considering various aspects of French culture. Year 7 focused on food and drinks in French speaking countries. In Year 8, pupils researched beautiful natural sites and monuments in France, trying to look beyond Paris and the Eiffel Tower. Finally, Year 9 were very keen to present French inventions and creations. Pupils created some stunning bunting on those topics which will be displayed in the Language rooms in preparation for Secondary Transfer Evening. On Wednesday 25th September, our Year 12 students organised a lunchtime activity and were very busy helping Year 7 creating Blue, White, Red jewellery with Hama beads.


In German, Year 7 researched facts about Germany. Year 8 researched facts about the 2 other German speaking countries, Switzerland and Austria, and Year 9 looked into fairy tales by the Brothers Grimm, discovering that many of our well-known fairy tales originate in the German version and are translated. At lunchtime, the girls played on the Haribo ‘Gummi Bär’ slot machine and tried to guess how many were in a pack of Gummi Bär. The winner was Abbie Oldham of 7RM who guessed the closest with 150. There were 146!!


The Spanish Department celebrated European Week of Languages by making cardboard fans in red and yellow (the colours of the Spanish flag). Fans have long been a symbol of Spanish culture, as a way to cool down in the heat of the summer and as a prop used in flamenco, the traditional dance of the southern region of Andalucía. In addition, the school canteen was kind enough to lay on some delicious paella as part of that day’s lunch.


Sixth Form Team Building

On Friday 27th September, the Sixth Form students participated in an afternoon of team building activities. The students experienced a number of activities which encouraged them to plan, communicate, work together and stay motivated in a fun and energetic way. The emphasis was on the students to take ownership of their learning, using critical thinking to develop ideas on how to solve the challenges and build their resilience, rather than just giving up if they couldn’t complete a challenge. Their social skills were enhanced as they learnt to communicate with members of their tutor group on plans and solutions, as well as evaluating their own performance after each activity. The development of these skills will be an asset to the students both during their A Levels and in the wider world.


Year 9 Visit to Sandhurst