News from Art and Photography

Artists and Photographers of the Month – October

Artists of the Month

Year 7 : Jessica Deasy

Year 8 : Rosa Ward

Year 9 : Sophie Doyle

Year 10 : Zoe Kiers

Year 10 : Hannah Wood

Year 11 : Amelia Stephen

Year 11 : Isabel Oseman

Year 12 : Rosie Hough

Year 13 : Eleanor Turpin

Photographers of the Month

Year 12 : Luis Gogol

Year 13 : Alessia Mariotti

Year 12 Photography

Well done to all the Year 12 photography students who have been producing some fantastic outcomes after the recent Photoshop masterclass.

Year 12 Art trip to Cambridge, 6th November 2019

Our Art students recently enjoyed a day in Cambridge studying, drawing and recording natural forms. We visited Cambridge Botanical Gardens and Cambridge Zoolological museum.

The students brought back a variety of ideas and images to inspire their portfolios.

Year 10 GCSE Art Lino Printing day, Thursday 14th November