Art & Photography News

Head’s Award

Congratulations to Amber Dunstan and Yuhsuan Chen in Year 13 who won the ‘Head’s Award’ this term. Their beautiful art work will be displayed in Mr Warren’s office.

Year 12 Art Print Workshop

We had the whole day off timetable to participate in a lino workshop, which consisted of carving our tiles and printing them with high quality inks. Doing this workshop allowed us to not only add another beautiful piece into our A-level books but also expand into other media. We were taught new techniques to improve and advance our lino skills. I found it very enjoyable and helpful as the art staff helped us choose our print design and size, as well as helping us throughout the day with the lino itself. With the materials and supplies the art department was able to provide us, our Year 12 class was able to produce fantastic quality prints.

Madison Meins

Year 12 Photography

Year 12 photographers are already taking some fabulous photos. Well done from the art department.


House Omelette Challenge

Last week, Design & Technology – Food hosted the first cooking challenge of the year. Teams of KS3 students representing each of the Houses were given 20 minutes to produce their omelette ready for the judging panel. The entries were judged on presentation, aroma, texture and flavour. The judges were impressed by the quality and creativity on display: it was the first time any of them had tasted a chocolate omelette!

Thank you to all those Year 7 – 9 students who took part. The students rose to the challenge producing some ‘eggcellent’ omelettes.

Special mention goes to Year 9 student Evie Murfett who produced a winning entry for Parks House and then kindly helped run the competition for the other year groups.

Thank you, also, to our special guest judge, Mrs Dray, former Head of Design Technology.

Government & Politics trip to Parliament

On Friday 27th September, our Year 12 Government and Politics class visited the Houses of Parliament. We went on a fabulous (and very informative) tour, during which we saw the House of Commons and the Lords, the voting lobby for MPs, Westminster Abbey, central lobby, and many more fascinating rooms in Parliament.

We also learned about the history of Parliament, the day-to-day running of Westminster, and the importance of the role of the Speaker of the House of Commons. Our lovely tour guides were great and answered our many questions!

We then attended a law making and debating workshop, where we learnt the fundamental rules for carrying out a proper, democratic debate. We also learned about the process in which laws are made and changed. Two speakers (one an ex-Presdales student) talked to us about their roles in Parliament, and the vast job opportunities the House of Commons and Parliament offer, such as Select Committee assistants, IT and graphics/creative consultants, education branches, and, of course, MPs!

It was a very inspiring and interesting trip, and we all feel we walked away from it knowing so much more about how our government and Parliament works. Thank you to Mr Spurgeon and Ms Chandler for organising the trip and navigating the tube with us!

“Within the trip we had a debating workshop, were we learned how they debate in the House of Commons. I got the privilege to be the speaker of the house. In this role I decided who could speak next and when it got too loud to say ‘order, order’. The workshop was amazing, as it taught us how to structure a debate, to make sure everyone’s voices are heard” Katy Higham

“It was a great atmosphere, especially considering the current political climate” Grace Richards

“The workshop we did on law making & debating was really interesting and the career paths available in Parliament seem like amazing opportunities” Connie Marshall

“There were little bits of history everywhere we went. Seeing the MPs’ voting lobbies and being able to walk down them was fascinating” Jamie Parker

“It was really interesting to see it all in real life” Connie Robinson

“We learned loads about the complex history of Parliament, and seeing all the possible careers there really opened our eyes to what Parliament does” Safia Sipi

One student Meg Sleath said this about the workshop, “I thought it was really interesting to see how a proper debate would work, especially as we were debating a current, divisive issue. It was very enjoyable!”

News from Music

Hand Chime Team

Year 7 classes have had a visit from Mrs Dixon in the maths department this term. Mrs Dixon is an expert Hand Bell and Hand Chime player and has been working with a year 11 Hand Chime team for the last couple of years. All Year 7s were introduced to the beautiful instruments that were generously donated to the school by the Presdales PTA. Mrs Dixon is running extra sessions to start a 2nd hand chime team and we would like to encourage all girls from across the years to give it a go. The sessions are on Tuesday at 12.45 in room 17 and Friday at 12.45 in room 17. Just pop along to have a go! Playing the hand chimes gives a great sense of satisfaction from playing in a team and also can be very relaxing and educational as you learn to read the music as you play.

A Level Music Conference

On Tuesday 8th October the music department took 7 A Level students to a conference on “Wit, Style & Unity: Haydn’s Symphony no.104” presented by David Coggins MMus, generously hosted by Queen Anne’s School in Reading. The day was thoroughly enlightening and a real challenge for our A Level students who came away with a greater depth of understanding of our set work.

Upcoming Events

  • Deniz Isingor, Piano Diploma lunchtime recital, Friday 13th December, 1pm in M1
  • School Carol Service, Wednesday 18th December, 6pm, St Mary’s Church, Ware

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