European Week of Languages 2020 – Multilingualism

During the week of 21st-25th September 2020 we celebrated our European Languages with a focus on Multilingualism. In tutor groups we looked at what it means to be monolingual and multilingual and found that we were perhaps much more multilingual than we thought if we take into account dialects and accents. We did a number of activities including the Stroop test and listening to Rita Ora speaking Albanian and 3 different readings of Mr Tickle with different accents.

Research shows that learning languages can have positive effects on our brains across the whole of our life.

In class we celebrated with research and creating bookmarks with the information gathered. Students in Year 7-9 in both of their languages were given a theme or topic to focus on and have produced some excellent book mark creations which you can view here.


The French Department has been very busy during the European Week of Languages considering various aspects of French culture and the French speaking world, to help students design and create a bookmark.

Year 7 researched attractions (buildings, sites, tourist spots) from the French speaking world. In Year 8, students researched pop artists or bands and Year 9 focused their attention on Food, Dishes and Recipes. The students were very original with their designs and created some fantastic bookmarks on those topics, earning themselves plenty of rewards and prizes.

Year 7 French

Year 8 French

Year 9 French


During the European week of Languages the Russian department asked students to look into something relevant for their current learning and research it. Year 7 researched the Cyrillic alphabet that they are busy learning, Year 8 students created colourful bookmarks with the names of the Russian colours on them and Year 9 researched the Russian Dacha.

Year 7 Russian

Tess Fleming
Sasha Chellan
Lucy Norris
Lizzie Robinson
Chloe Pearce

Year 8 Russian

Especially colourful works were produced by Ruby Conner, Lucy White, Ellie Simpson, Elina Rashard, Grace West and Teah Gregory. A special mention is for Connie Nichola, who created not one but 12 bookmarks!

Year 9 Russian