From Music …

Congratulations to Megan Sleath (Year 13) who passed her ABRSM Grade 7 Piano exam and also to Safia Sipi (Year 13) who passed her Grade 5 Theory exam. Well done girls!

From Russian …

Year 7

From French …

Year 7

7JB French with Mme Davies

Our first French remote lesson of term fell on 6th January so we enjoyed a remote lesson on Epiphany and how it is celebrated in France. It is traditional to make a flat, puff pastry cake to celebrate the arrival of the kings known as la Galette des Rois. We looked at the recipe in French together. Hidden inside is a small charm or figurine (une fève), traditionally a figure from the nativity. Whoever gets this in their slice is king for the day and wears a crown.

As a homework pupils were asked to either make a crown (see Holli Jenkins’ fantastic one) or a galette to share with their family. I was inundated with amazing pictures of their creations. Well done 7JB.

I hope families enjoyed eating them. They looked delicious! Enjoy a selection here.

7VW French with Mme Rowe

Here is some work from students in 7VW French. Some students made a ‘Galette des Rois’ at home after having learnt about how Epiphany is traditionally celebrated in France on the 6th January.

Here are some examples of some lovely illustrations of the poem ‘Sept Couleurs Magiques’ that we have recently been working on.

From Textiles …

Year 9

Students were introduced to the Environmental Nightwear project that they are completing this term and they have analysed the design brief and have carried out research into their customer.

Year 12

Students were introduced to the corset project that they are completing this term and they have analysed the brief and carried out research into the history of the corset and the impact the emancipation of women had on fashion, as well as researching to fashion trends to inspire their design work.

From Graphics …

Year 10

In Graphics, Year 10 have started working on a new-mini project this half term, all about confectionery packaging. Students were asked to analyse an existing product. I am sure you will agree they have gone into great depth, ensuring they fully understand the product. Well done Year 10!