From French …

Year 12 French Speaking Festivals

This week our Year 12 French students researched a variety of festivals in French speaking countries as part of their A Level course.

During a very successful Google Meet lesson, they presented their festival to the rest of the group.

Four of the presentations are below (more will follow next week) and include a slide in English providing information about the festivals to non-French speakers, followed by a slide in French (please swipe if you are using a mobile device).

You will also be able to hear our students’ presentations by clicking on the speaker icon.


C Ainge

Year 9

Mrs Davies’ Year 9 French group have been working on structures followed by the infinitive such as ‘il est important de’ and ‘il est essentiel de’. They are often used for expressing rules or giving advice. To practise all these useful phrases they created a poster on rules and advice for lockdown.

The example is by Elodie Simpson McKay.

Mrs Davies

From Maths …

Presdales Lockdown UKMT Mathematical Challenge

On Thursday 30th April, some Year 7 and 8 Maths classes should have taken part in the 2020 Junior Mathematical Challenge, which had to be postponed. This week in Maths for Year 7 classes 7Alpha, 7A, 7Beta and 7B and Year 8 classes 1A, 1B and 1C have been taking part in the Presdales Lockdown UKMT Mathematical Challenge. We will announce certificate winners in the next couple of weeks.

Year 7

Dividing in a given ratio:

Year 8

Equations with fractions:

Year 9

This week we worked on ratio and map scales. Students used the notes from the textbook and videos to help. We also went through questions on our weekly Google Meets session. Molly Barnard’s work is below.

Miss Murrell

Mean from a grouped frequency table from Mrs Lanka’s class:

Year 10

This week we worked on inequalities and how to solve them. The final part of this weeks work was to complete some exam style questions shown in the photos. Also there was an extension task on factorising. As shown here on the website ‘Transum’, there are different levels to complete and Emma Tammadge (work below) completed level 9 which is factorising in double brackets – fantastic work.

Miss Murrell

This is some Year 10 work on rearranging equations and a starter activity on revising key skills. Work shown here by Lottie Meggison and Alana Poole-Long.

Mrs Thompson

From Art and Photography …

Year 7

Year 7V/U Views through a window

Here is a small selection of some of the views our Year 7 Art students have been producing over the last few lessons. A hard task and I’m sure you can agree, some excellent results.

Well done from Mrs Francis.

Year 8

This is based on the Day of the Dead initial cultural research with Year 8.

Work from Ellie Carter, Elspeth Mayers and Cara Conway Baker.

Year 9