From English …

Year 7

Year 7 English classes were challenged to create their own detective character at the end of last term’s unit on detective fiction. The final assessment involved introducing their character in an extract from a story.

Izzy Waring

Imogen Wilson

Jessica Mitchell

Alice Collier

Alice Collier cont ...

Alice Collier cont ...

Alice Collier cont ...

Year 9

Year 9 English classes are working on creative writing this term. The first weeks focus on effective openings, developing descriptive writing and introducing characters and settings.

Ellen Hair

Ellen Hair cont ...

Student news …

Congratulations to Martha Ker (Year 7) who has proceeded through to the next round in the BBC 500 words short story writing competition. There were 350,000 entries, and less than 4% have gone through to the next round. Read Martha’s story titled ‘First Word’ below. Good luck, Martha! We hope you win!

First Word

Do you remember your first word? Most people don’t, but they know the stories their proud family have told them. Often just an ordinary word like “mama” or “dada”. Well, I don’t need stories, or proud families, I remember it perfectly well. The first word I ever said was when I was 12 years old.

“Chaaya Smith, get over here this instant!” My large, Indian aunt bustled loudly into the cramped apartment kitchen, holding an 8th birthday balloon, “Come give your favourite auntie a kissy-wissy!” I sidestepped slowly towards my definitely-not-favourite-auntie, squeezing uncertainly through the forest of legs and feet. Bracing myself, the cloud of perfume and bright pink lipstick descended, depositing a wet, neon smear on my cheek. “Happy Birthday bhanji!” I nodded silently, already edging way from the remark I knew was coming. “Still not speaking are you?” My aunt peered down at me, and despite her large smile, her heavily mascaraed eyes could not mask the wet glint of disappointment in her eyes. “Shami, come and help me with the cake please.” My mother winked subtly as she led aunt Shami away to the food table, knowing that once comfortably positioned, Aunt Shami would be there for hours! My mother always knows how to save me.

I’m sure you’re wondering why I don’t speak, it’s quite hard to understand – even I don’t know fully know, but the first words I ever remember were my parents arguing, making me then realise how hurtful words were, and never wanting to hurt anyone, I didn’t speak. Even after they split up, and the Indian and English sides of my family drifted apart with no more arguing, I was still scared

The only time I can express myself is playing football – there’s just something nice about being able to zone out and concentrate on the game alone. My position, centre mid. I’m sure this isn’t a reason I love the game, but both my parents come to watch me play matches on Sunday, and it is the only time they never argue.

The football awards ceremony was on the 4th October, my 12th birthday, and the squad had been in anticipation for weeks. The last and best prize was “club player of the year”, awarded to one of the 200 players aged 6-14. There was silence as the head coach stepped up to the podium and began to speak. “Good evening. I am here to present the final, and most important award of the evening. This is awarded to a girl who turned up every session, even in the worst of weather, who has tried the hardest all year, who has shown the best teamwork and strength of character.” He paused for effect. “So, would Chaaya Smith rise to collect this award.” I felt like I was floating with happiness. Applause boomed in my ears as if I were underwater, as I climbed up onto the stage. “Well done Chaaya”, he shook my hand, handing over the award. “Thank you”

From Geography …

Year 8

Here’s some Year 8 work on coral reefs

I Elkes

EH Mills

A Norris

M Dixon

Year 9

Here’s some Year 9 work on ‘designing a tour across a continent’ for Miss Stitson

L Wilkinson

R Jepras

S Moor

From Food Technology …

Year 7 Pizza Toasts

Made by Evie Pratt, Sasha Sole, Jessica Gladding and Hattie Pryke

Year 8 Versatile Mince dishes

Made by Emily Fitzgerald, Charlotte Gray, Tierney Gaines and Suzy Anderson

Year 9 Muticultural foods – Anzac biscuits

Below are Mia Nicoli and Alice Middleton research findings, and Zoe Drewitt, Matilda Endersbee and Sophia Re photographed the Anzac biscuits they made.

From Design and Technology …

A piece of one point perspective work completed for Technology …

From Art and Photography …

Year 9

Fantasy Shoe Designs

Mrs Bird

A celebration of imaginative Year 9 research on surreal shoe artist ‘Costa Magarakis’ … well done all!

Mrs Page

Mrs Francis

Year 12 Art work for this week

Well done to all our Year 12 artists who are continuing to do fantastic work at home. We are all proud of you.

Mrs Francis

From Science …

Mrs Walsh was particularly impressed by the layout of this work from Lauren Agland (Year 9):

Below are Ayesha Unadkat’s work (solving an infrared spectroscopy puzzle beautifully) and the exercise book is Maddie Fowler-Noon’s work on separation techniques with some lovely labelled diagrams.