From Art and Photography …

Year 8

Year 8 have been collecting leaves from their garden and produced some lovely colourful studies in a variety of media. Well done all of you it’s been a pleasure looking at and sharing your work.

Mrs Page

Year 9

Year 10

Year 12

Year 12 Photography coursework

Elianne Grant – Pink Oranges

Helen Tang – Distorted Portraits

Sophie Legg – Pearlised Flower

From Geography …

Evelyn Youngman – Year 9 – Task: Design a tour of a continent

From History …

Year 7 have begun this term with an introduction to the Industrial Revolution.
Belle Stanley’s work is shown above.

Year 8 completed their enquiry last term with an essay on why the slave trade was abolished in the British Empire in 1807.

Bethan Davies’ work is above.

Year 9 wrote an essay evaluating Britain’s role in the Second World War.

Betsy Sutton’s work is above.

Year 9 have also explored the reasons for and controversies relating to the use of the atomic bomb on Japan in 1945.

Jess Scott’s work is above.

From French …

Year 9 French Food and drink topic

Mme Davies’ 9RG French group were asked to revise gender as part of the food and drink topic. They grouped food items from their cupboards into masculine and feminine and took a photo to upload as well as doing some further work in their books. There was the odd item in the wrong group but as a whole this should help them be able to use the correct word for some (du, de la, de l’ or des – based on gender and number) with food items as they progress through the topic. Here are some examples with Jessie Sharma in particular producing a really excellent example.

From Drama …

Cara Conway-Baker – Year 8 – The task was to find out about some facts about the play and present them. Cara did this really creative rap about Macbeth.

From Maths …

My Year 7 class have been working for the last few weeks on Statistics. I have been very pleased with their effort and attitude to all of their work. They keep in touch via email and regularly attend our google meet lessons. This week they uploaded their review work, on the topic, to show their understanding. Well done girls, keep it up, and now we move on to Algebra .

One example of the work by Phoebe Protheroe …

Maths Teacher

From Food Technology …

Our students have been busy cooking this week.

Year 7 have been making fruit salad.

Year 8 have been making pasta salad.

Year 10 have been making bread products.