From History …

Year 7 and 8 Topic Week

Year 7

Year 7 researched the campaigns for the extension of suffrage, from the events of ‘Peterloo’ in 1819 to the Representation of the People Act, 1928. They produced a virtual museum to inform and educate their visitors about these campaigns and the role of key events and individuals. The projects showcased here are a small selection of the superb work we have received. Congratulations to all the girls on their hard work!

Isabelle Sansford

Abigail Hunt

Eva Delaney

Year 8

Year 8 researched the First World War, with a focus on the global and local dimensions of the war and challenging common myths and stereotypes. They produced a virtual museum to inform visitors about the war, including less well-known or frequently misunderstood aspects of the conflict. The projects showcased here are a small selection of the superb work we have received. Congratulations to all the girls on their hard work!

Year 9

Year 9 have been working on the success of John F. Kennedy as President of the USA, considering his role in the escalation of the Vietnam War and his record on civil rights and other domestic policies. This work is by Tara, Zoe and Louisa.

From English …

Year 7

A selection of wonderful kenning poems from Miss Turner’s Year 7s.

The Sun

Morning riser,
Night settler,
Moons wife,
Golden star,
Sky lighter,
Skin tanner.

by Phoebe Protheroe


Cat Escapers,
Seed Munchers,
Worm Lovers,
Nest Makers.

by Kea Wyles


Nature’s confetti,
Flower decoration,
Bee attractor,
Spring’s snow,
Flower’s fruit.

by Madison Scully

My Brother

Fussy eater,
Nappy leaker,
Attention seeker.

Cuddle giver,
Toy thrower,
Cheeky smiler.

Slap employer,
Calm destroyer,
Dribble factory.

by Lily Norman


Meat holder,
Greedy surface,
Hunger remover.

Chip craver,
Carrot carrier,
Gravy cup.

Condiment keeper,
Food boundary,
Dinner deliver.

by Molly Munt

My Mum

Hug giver,
Duvet tucker,
Food provider.

Love giver,
Morning waker,
Taxi driver.

Treat giver,
Time manager,
Shopping spender.

Work helper,
Time spender,
Care giver.

by Lizzy Potinge

My Sister

Hug Giver,
Love eater,
Small laugher,
Smart Tickler.

Good Player,
Nasty cheater,
Caring Person,
Different Version.

by Nefeli Tsamili

Year 9

A powerful, beautifully written short story by Juliette McKenna in Year 9.

From Geography …

Geography Project Winners

The Year 7 geography projects were judged by Miss Stitson, Geography teacher and Head of Year 9.

1st place – Evie Pratt for her model/video of a sustainable house.
Runner Up – Isla Threlfall for her model of a sustainable city

The Year 8 geography projects were judged by Mrs Fry, Geography teacher and Head of Year 7.

1st place – Abbie Norris for her model of sustainable city
Runner Up – Rosa Ward for her detailed plan on a sustainable living space

Congratulations to the winners and runners up! Your prizes are on their way to you as you read this.

Well done to everyone in Years 7 and 8 who completed the project and sent in their design to us. They are all wonderful and we have really enjoyed looking at what you have created. Mrs Fry and Miss Stitson both said how difficult it was to pick the winners!

From Art and Photography …

A celebration of Year 7 and 8 Artwork

Katsushika Hokusai is a Japanese Artist and Printmaker and is famous for creating the piece The Great Wave off Kanagawa. Our Year 7 and 8 artists were asked to research around the topic gaining inspiration for their own wave based on British culture. Here are some more of the wonderful research pages, studies and pieces in the style of Hokusai from the week commencing 8th June. The outcomes were well informed, eye catching and in some cases very humorous. Well done to all of our artists!

Mrs E Bird

Year 7

The artwork below is from Mrs Hayhurst’s Year 7 class from the Art topic week ‘The Great wave’, Hokusai.

Year 8

The artwork below is from Mrs Hayhurst’s Year 8 classes from the Art topic week ‘The Great wave’, Hokusai.

Year 9 GCSE Bridging Work

Here is a great selection from our Year 9 artists this week. These are coloured observational studies of vegetables in a variety of media. They form part of our ‘Food’ themed project, that investigates a wide variety of food and artists who have depicted them.

Well done to all the students who are working so well.

Mrs Francis

Year 11 Art A level bridging work

This is by Hannah Lennon who has produced some fantastic studies for her ‘Aspects of Nature’ component this week. Well done Hannah!

Mrs Francis

Spotlight on an artist – Becky Kennard Year 11 Bridging to A level Fine Art

Take a look at this subtle and well observed work by one of our wonderful artists this week. Becky has produced some delicate studies from her original photographs based on the theme, ‘Mother nature’. Well done, Becky.

Mrs Francis

Year 12 Photography

Year 12 photographers continue to produce a range of work for their personal projects, as always a stunning array of imagery.

Work from :

Sophie Legg, Elianne Grant, Charlotte Ells, Evie Jennings and Evie Pettit

Miss Sykes

From Design and Technology …

Year 9 Bridging work into Year 10 Graphics

Stephanie Moor – An excellent sheet showing creativity and design flair. The well researched information has been well selected, and the layout make it an eye-catching piece of work-well done Stephanie!

Mia Nicholl – Great layout, good use of questions and then sharing the information you had researched. Great selection of images too-well done Mia!

Rhianna Venables – Really great designer research, great detail, layout and good use of highlighting key words-well done Rhianna!

Saoirse Slater – Great notes, detailed, neat and the highlighting of keywords shows that you are able to identify technical terminology in Design & Technology-well done!

Thea Galaxy – Superb sheets with themes that compliment the designer. Great information has been well researched, and selected information is also excellent!

Amelia Di Salvo – Great Designer sheets, showing excellent detail and also images to show their most famous works. Good choice of designers too-well done Amelia!

Evie Martin – Designers – excellent research on examboard specified designers. Great layout, super research collated and presented, and images to complete the sheet. Well done Evie!

Year 10

Elizabeth Green – Excellent analysis of the tasks for NEA launched this week. Great layout, super analysis and ideas that could be manufactured-well done!

Year 11 Bridging work into Year 12 Product Design

Anthe Beston – Superb design sheet with creative and inspired design ideas for a sustainable lamp, and annotation that clearly shows your design thinking. Well done Anthe!

Skye Kingston – Great product analysis on a light fixture, that will help with the design ideas going forwards for the Sustainable Lamp Project in September-well done Skye!

From Food Technology …

Year 9 Bridging work into Year 10 

The Year 9 Food group have been turning in amazing work since the GCSE Bridging work started. Here are a sample of some of the lovely dishes they have made since half term – carbohydrate rich savoury dish, pineapple upside down cake, cheesecake and stir fry.