News from Art

Year 7 Alfred Basha Research

Year 7 have been studying the Illustrative Artwork of Alfred Basha. They have created research pages using the departments ‘ARTY’ outline which breaks the information into paragraphs; A -Analysis R-Research T -Techniques -Y Your opinions and thoughts.

The ‘ARTY’ template has been a great success and used across all key stages by the Art Department. Students have said it has helped them to plan and understand how to complete a research page.

Well done Year 7 *

The Art Department

Year 10 Art GCSE – Observational studies

Year 10 students set up still lifes of mixed colourful vegetables and photographed from various angles. They demonstrated beautiful colour pencil blending, layering of tones and a selection of compositions.

We are so pleased with their wonderful results.

Mrs Page and Mrs Harmer

Year 10 and 12 Print Workshops 2024

We have run two very successful printing workshops this term. The Year 10 learnt the process of lino printing producing a vast amount of exciting prints for their sketchbooks. The Year 12 learnt about procion dye prints using a screen and squeegee, lino and drypoint etching. The results were beautiful and will now be developed using further media.

All students acted maturely and were inquisitive about learning more knowledge about the techniques.

Year 10 Print Workshop

Year 12 Print Workshop

A celebration across all key stages

A collection of Art and Photography work currently on display: