From Graphics …

Year 10

Year 10 worked hard last week on researching and investigating confectionery companies, selecting key information and presenting it in a creative way. Well done Year 10!

Year 12

Year 12 are continuing to work on their architectural projects, looking specifically at the location of their properties. Selecting a location based on climate, resources available locally, and the social aspects were all factors in their decision making.

From PE …

Year 10

Here are some excellent posters about the heart created by GCSE PE students.

From Art …

Year 9

Year 9 are currently studying Surrealism. Here are some of their most recent works ‘Surrealist Eyes’. Well done, some wonderfully creative pieces!

From PSHE …

Year 7

Year 7 are learning about healthy living this term and I have been really impressed with my 2 classes enthusiasm and hard work during the lessons. They always have lots to say during the discussions and were even willing to join in with our 5 minute workout in the lesson about the importance of exercise.

Here are just a few of their pieces of work on exercise, healthy diet and the importance of sleep. Well done 7VW and 7JB for your engaging stories and enquiring minds during our lessons.

Miss Clarke