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Year 9 Battlefields Trip 2024

“I enjoyed going to the underground tunnels and I thought it was interesting to go and see all the different parts.”

“On the Battlefields trip, I liked that I was able to visualise the numbers that I have heard in lessons. It made everything about world war one feel more real, and like less of a story. Overall, the trip has been amazing and has changed my view of the war.”

“The trip was very interesting and didn’t have a single dull moment. It was the perfect mix of tourism activities and history activities. I really enjoyed the caves and tunnels that the soldiers used in WW1 and it was very interesting to see how they lived.”

“I really enjoyed going in the tunnels. It was really interesting as it made it more real than just statistics. I learnt a lot and it was very impactful. It was an amazing trip.”

“I really enjoyed going underground into the tunnels and visiting so many different places.”

“I liked laying the wreath: it was a huge honour to represent my school with something that important. I also liked the caves as it conveyed how the soldiers in the army weren’t just a statistic and were real people.”

“I really enjoyed seeing the trenches and walking inside of them.”

“I like that we saw things we wouldn’t usually see without this trip, like the caves and trenches.”

“I enjoyed seeing the trenches and going to visit the different memorial sites.”

“I really liked the tunnels and getting to see the trenches/battlefields it was really interesting.”

“I really appreciated visiting the cemeteries, as seeing the loss of human life from WW1 in this way and not as a statistic has really opened my eyes to how many were affected.”

“The trip was fun and I learnt a lot. I really enjoyed the tunnels as I’d never seen anything like it so I found it very interesting. I loved how we had time to wander around to explore the town.”

“I enjoyed the trip because it was very interesting to look and learn more about the world war and see how it affected everyday life. I enjoyed looking at all the remains from the war such as the tunnels.”