Total House points as at 21st July 2022

News from English …

Year 8 Quantum Theatre Visit

On Thursday 7 July, Year 8 enjoyed a visit from Quantum Theatre Company to perform Shakespeare’s comedy A Midsummer Night’s Dream. It was exciting to see a live production of a play they had studied earlier in the year. Here are some extracts from student reviews:

I thought A Midsummer Night’s Dream was funny, exciting and engaging. My favourite part was when Hermia got upset about the others being rude to her. She started swinging her handbag around and everyone was trying to dodge it. It surprised me when Lysander went to kiss Helena, but she moved out of the way and he ended up kissing Demetrius instead! Another big surprise was that they played modern music and kept breaking out into song. I thought it was a great performance by Quantum Theatre and I enjoyed watching it with my friends.

Jessica Archer

My favourite moment was when the actors in the play performed Pyramus and Thisbe at the end. This part stood out for me because the acting was exaggerated and expressive, especially in their death scene. Some of the costumes were creative and fun to watch, such as Bottom’s donkey head, which was made of cardboard and covered with glitter. I was surprised how the play included modern props such as a pair of headphones or a mobile phone, but the actors still spoke with Shakespearean words. I think the funniest moment was when Titania and Bottom were in love, because it was unusual and unexpected.

Charlotte Martin

I found it interesting to see how five actors played all fifteen characters and how they made it more modern. I enjoyed how Hermia tried to hit Helena with her handbag and how the betrayal was portrayed in such a dramatic way. The chemistry between the actors was very good and the cast added humour with music and movement. I enjoyed laughing at the play with my friends and felt that the actors really involved us in the story. The best costume was the Fairy King as he looked quite terrifying but I think he is actually a softie deep inside.

Mimi Whetstone


Overall Interhouse Sport Results 2021-2022

Thank you to everyone who has competed in any house sporting event this year, it has been fantastic to see so many of you representing your house and enjoying the various activities. The following points (12, 10, 8, 6, 4, 2) are given for 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th respectively for each event. They are accumulated over the year and the final results are as follows…


Sports Awards Evening 2022

On Tuesday evening we held our annual Sports Awards Presentation Evening. It was a fantastic evening celebrating a very busy sporting year and the excellent performances by both teams and individuals as well as the hard work and commitment that our students have shown towards PE as athletes and sports leaders.

Our guest speaker and alumni student, Ellis Miller, a GB canoeist spoke about her journey to becoming a GB athlete whilst balancing her studies at school, sixth form and currently at University. She was very inspiring, and we thank her for presenting the Sports Leaders and athletes their awards.

The winners for each award are as follows:

Year 7 Netball: Lyra Reason

Year 8 Netball: Rosie Bentley

Year 9 Netball: Mia Edmondson

Year 10 Netball: Rosie Martin

Senior Netball: Millie Neave

Year 7 Football: Mia Schillachi-Rowland

Year 8 Football: Lali Lister

Year 9 Football: Maia Keates

Year 10 Football: Rimini Lowe

Senior Football: Ella Richardson

Year 7 Rounders: Amy Little

Year 8 Rounders: Ellie Sopala

Year 9 Rounders: Emily Reason and Lucy White

Year 10 Rounders: Ellie Carter

Senior Rounders: Isabelle Gardiner

Year 7 Athletics: Poppy Ward

Year 8 Athletics: Rachel Reid

Year 9 Athletics: Alice Lynn

Year 10 Athletics: Millie Buckley

Senior Athletics: Jess Downing

Junior Swimming: Teah Gregory

Senior Swimming: Catherine Ryan

Junior Cross-Country: Martha Ker

Senior Cross-Country: Lotty Hobson

Junior Tennis: Chloe Pearce

Senior Tennis: Erin Evans

Junior Sportshall athletics: Thomasina McManus

Junior Badminton: Phoebe Beaumont

Senior Badminton: Becky Gee

Junior Table-tennis: Chloe Pearce

Senior Table-tennis: Charlotte Slack

Junior Equestrian: Ruby Robinson

Senior Equestrian: Freya Naylor-Stewart

Junior Handball: Emily Mckenna

Senior Handball: Tonye Ikeyina

Junior Hockey: Lois Quinn

Senior Hockey: Eva Pidduck

Junior Dance: Sienna Akore

Senior Dance: Sienna White

Junior Cricket: Olivia Holme

Senior Cricket: Georgiana Fowler

Year 7 Sportswoman: Sienna Goodfellow

Year 8 Sportswoman: Lois Quinn

Year 9 Sportswomen: Beth Botheras and Georgiana Fowler

Year 10 Sportswomen: Eva Cullen

Senior Sportswoman: Jess Downing

Team of the Year: U16 Football Team

Elite Athlete: Ellie Bostock

Stacey Stone Cup for personal achievement and determination in games: Hannah Stapleton

Jane Branford Award for contribution to PE and School Sport: Jess Downing

Thank you to everyone who attended the Sports Awards evening, it is our favourite event of the year where we get to celebrate all the fantastic achievements across the year in a range of sports and present the sports leaders their well-deserved certificates. Well done to everyone who was nominated or won an award. We are really looking forward to another year of sporting success at Presdales from September!

HOUSE : Swimming Gala Results 2022

Well done to everyone who competed at the Interhouse Swimming Gala on Friday. It was a great day with lots of competitiveness and house spirit! Our final event of the day was Freestyle Championship where students choose to compete for the annual trophy!

It involves students swimming freestyle for 100 yards (4 lengths) in the quickest time – competing against all age groups. Over 20 students competed in the heats before lunch and the quickest 4 in the final were Teah Gregory, Autumn Shine, Katie Gorman and Olivia Wright. Congratulations to Teah Gregory in Year 9 who won the Freestyle Championship for 2022!!

News from Art …

Royal Academy Summer Exhibition

Year 12 Art / Photography students were a pleasure to be with and all inspired by the vast collection of prints, photography, paintings collages, sculpture and architecture. Do go and see the exhibition if you get a chance.

David Hockney Exhibition

Could not be prouder of our lovely Year 10 on a trip to Cambridge on Tuesday! Lots of inspiration for the new project over summer! Well done guys!


News from Russian …

‘Us two’ by A.A Milne

The Year 7 Russian class and our partner secondary school in Russia have created a collaborative work with students from both schools reciting the poem ‘Us two’ by A.A Milne in English and Russian. Friendship is very important in times like this, so the teachers thought this was the perfect poem. The languages department are so proud of the year 7s who have learnt to read so confidently from the Cyrillic script this year.

Year 7

In their last lesson of the year 7MRU enjoyed ordering themselves pancakes with a variety of fillings in their make-believe cafe in room 18. They also filmed some excellent Oscar worthy dialogues in a cafe whilst they were waiting to be served.

Sports Day Results 2022

Year 7 Victrix Ludorum

Scarlett Victory – 1st in High Jump and broke the school record, now stands at 1.31m

Year 8 Victrix Ludorum

Evelyn Pearce – 1st in 800m and broke the school record, now stands at 2.45s

Year 9 Victrix Ludorum

Teah Gregory – 1st in Hurdles and broke the school record which stood since 2000! Also broke the High Jump record, now stands at 1.42m

Year 10 Victrix Ludorum

Ellie Bostock – 1st in Shot and broke the school record, now stands at 12.56m

Year 12 Victrix Ludorum

Sam McHale-Edwards – 1st in High Jump and broke the school male record in Sixth Form, now stands at 1.40m


Other records broken:

Tonye Ikeyina – Year 9 in 100m

Alice Lynn – Year 9 in 200m

Beth Botheras – Year 9 in 300m

Ruby Cheshire – Year 8 in 300m

Jonathan Pennant – Year 12 in 800m

Rosie Bentley – Year 8 in High Jump

Caitlin Ryan – Year 10 in High Jump

9DS – relay