From Italian …

Our KS3 Italian students got into the Carnevale spirit by learning about different aspects of this annual event. After a taste of the famous Venetian Carnevale, students went on to choose from a menu of options to pursue where their creativity led them. Some students explored how the Carnevale is celebrated in different towns around Italy, others cooked or baked traditional Carnevale dishes, some researched characters from the Commedia dell’Arte, and a number designed costumes or beautiful, authentic maschere (masks).

Feast your eyes on the wonderful work they have produced! Warning – some of it may make your mouth water!

Year 7

Year 8

From French …

In French across all years we looked at how the French celebrate La Chandeleur (Candlemass) on the 2nd February (40 days after Christmas Day) by making sweet and savoury pancakes. Here are some examples from Year 7 and Year 10 that the girls made at home.

Year 7

Year 10

From Art …

Year 7

Year 7 have have been drawing their view from a window at home. We have seen some excellent mark making, perspective and detail.

Year 7 have been putting in so much effort and showing wonderful development in tone and blending. Well done! We are looking forward to seeing your colour wheels.

Mrs Page and Mrs Harmer

Year 12

We were thrilled with the Year 12’s recent portfolio submissions. The work showed some intricate and experimental paintings. It will be exciting to see the journey their projects take over the next couple of months.

Mrs Page and Mrs Harmer

From Music …

Musicians of the Month – February

Congratulations to all our Musicians of the Month!