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Welcome to Year 8 at Presdales!

Dear Parents/Guardians,

I am writing to introduce myself and the Year 8 pastoral team who will be supporting your daughter as she moves into Year 8 at Presdales. Your daughter may have a new form teacher who will accompany her through school until the end of Year 11. The Year 8 tutors are:

Form GroupYear 8 Tutor
8D (formerly 7R)Miss S Ward
8H (formerly 7V)Mrs J Jermy/Mrs A Hudson
8P (formerly 7L)Miss J Powell
8U (formerly 7P)Mrs S Russell
8Y (formerly 7M)Miss T Worboys

It is the role of our Year 8 pastoral team to support Year 8 students in order that they progress and achieve their full potential across the curriculum. If you have any concerns and/or issues relating to your daughter’s school life please contact her form teacher in the first instance.

We expect Year 8 students to play a very positive part in the school community and for them to continue to try their very best with both academic studies and extra-curricular activities too. We have a Year 8 theme for the year which is entitled ‘Reach for the stars’ which aims to develop the attributes of being part of a large community (society), team work, achievement and resilience. Each week, in addition to the school merit system, a subject area will nominate the ‘star of the week’ from each teaching group and this will be based on the ‘star’ attributes mentioned earlier. There will also be the opportunity for students to earn ‘shooting stars’ which also count towards the form group totals.

My team and I are very much looking forward to supporting your daughter on the next step in her school journey.

Yours faithfully,
Mr T Britton
Head of Year 8

My contact details are: Tel: 01920-462210 ext. 267  and E-mail: