Confidential Access

Welcome to Year 11

Well, this is it where we work hard, dream big and make it happen. This year focuses on continuing good progress, recognising achievement and supporting improvement in our students as they work towards their GCSEs and achieve or exceed their potential. The key tools used to support students in this process are clear communication, academic support and intervention plus effective revision skills. We also introduce the mentoring scheme to the majority of Year 11 students as a key element of the year.

My name is Miss Waite and my contact details are: Tel: 01920-462 210 ext 241 or Email:

I have a team of 5 form staff who help me to look after and support the Year 11 students:

  • 11AL (formerly 10C) - Miss A Lee
  • 11NG (formerly 10G) - Miss N Gregson
  • 11LC (formerly 10H) - Miss L Chapman
  • 11RM (formerly 10M) - Miss R Marway
  • 11RS (formerly 10S) - Mrs R Stewart / Mrs E Teal

The students are actively encouraged to balance their school work with sport, music, drama and charity contributions as Year 11 play a key role in the school community and what our school stands for. By participating in these extra activities we hope that the girls can manage their school work effectively and to keep stress at bay as much as we can.

We offer advice with revision strategies and provide opportunities (during and after school) for students to complete homework whilst they are in school. Key staff will be present to offer a smile and help where they can.

Communication in Year 11 between school, student and home is a crucial element of this time in school and we encourage Year 11 to take on a mentor from the school staff/governors plus building on the positive relationships with teaching staff in order to help the students to achieve.