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Welcome to Year 10!

Year 10 welcomes the start of GCSE courses for all students and a more personalised curriculum following the Options process last year. This year sees students joining new teaching classes, making more friendships and an inevitable increase in workload. This is also the year where the quest for those important GCSE 9-1 grades starts and the opportunity to start exploring the possibility of A-Levels, University and other training courses begins.

Punctuality, consistent effort and completion of all work set should be a daily goal in order to achieve the highest success possible. Where this might seem daunting, we strongly recommend that students look at it as a new beginning with a chance to start anew.

We hope that our students are ready to embrace the GCSE courses they have chosen with the enthusiasm and dedication that will help you achieve the best set of results they can in the least stressful manner. This requires commitment from the very start of year 10: consistent effort over the two year period allows students to take on board the information and skills they require gradually without a mad rush at the end. Students are not on their own and the Year 10 pastoral team are here to help and support all, every step of the way.

Our Year 10 pastoral team:

KS4 lead

Ms K Chandler

Head of Year

Mr T Britton


Mrs C Burnett


Mr J Ellis


Mrs S Fehmi/Mrs S Karim/Miss A Sykes


Miss S Malik


Ms R Marway