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Welcome to Year 10!

This is the start of the most important years of your secondary education. The two GCSE years can form the foundations for the direction of your life. This is where the quest for those important A*-C grades begins and the opportunity to start exploring the possibility of A-Levels, University, other training courses begins. Punctuality, high effort and completion of all work set should be a daily goal in order to achieve the highest success possible. Where this might seem daunting, look at it as a new beginning with a chance to start anew.

We hope you have had a restful summer break and that you are ready to embrace the GCSE courses you have chosen with the enthusiasm and dedication that will help you achieve the best set of results you can in the least stressful manner. This requires commitment from the very start of year 10: consistent effort over the two year period allows you to take on board the information and skills you require gradually without a mad rush at the end.
Our pastoral team is here to help you achieve this:

KS4 lead

Ms K Chandler

Head of Year

Mrs J Fry

10MC (formerly 9D)

Mr M Chapman

10AW (formerly 9I)

Mrs A White

10EB (formerly 9M)

Mrs E Bird

10LM (formerly 9S)

Miss L Mack

10SL (formerly 9Y)

Mrs S Lanka

There will be times when it doesn’t all work out as you had planned and it’s at those times that you can lean on your form tutors and me, who will do our very best to guide you through any issues, aiming to ensure you come out at the end of the year in one piece.

You are now the role models for the KS3 students and must therefore ensure that you wear the correct uniform at all times and look smart and ready to learn. Please refer to the school’s uniform policy on our website and remember that your tutor and the Year 10 team will be checking uniform rigorously. 

Take the bits you like and are proud of and move forward with them. Leave everything else behind and start afresh and make this a year full of STRIVErs.