Confidential Access

Sanctions Policy

1. Conduct Page

Pupils will have their conduct page (in their homework diaries) signed in cases of minor infringements such as lateness to lessons etc.  5 signatures equals a School Detention.

2. Internal Reports

A pupil can be put on Internal Report for up to 2 weeks for monitoring purposes.  There are three levels:

Green - report to Form Tutor

Yellow - report to Head of Year

Blue - report to KS3/4 Pastoral Manager

There are immediate sanctions for poor daily reports which involve loss of lunchtime.

3.  Automatic Departmental Detention 

According to Department Policy          For any of the following:

Poor behaviour/rudeness/disobedience in lessons/failure to hand in homework/bring correct equipment.

4. For Lateness to Lessons, Automatic conduct mark

5 conduct marks = School Detention.

5. For Lateness to School, Automatic ½ hour detention after school

2 in a week 

3 in a month

5. Automatic 1 Hour School Detention




Failure to attend 3 department detentions

Persistent rudeness/poor behaviour/disobedience - with knowledge of Head of Department

6. Automatic 2 Hour Detention

Failure to complete 1 hour detention

Senior Management decision for serious breach of discipline.

7. 3 Hour Head’s Detention

At the discretion of the Headmistress.

8. Internal Exclusion

Removal from class for single lesson (classroom teacher then takes responsibility for follow-up).

Removal from lessons – H of Y/SLG responsible.

Sanctions Policy continued……

9. Fixed-TermExclusion

Pupils may be given a fixed-term exclusion at the discretion of the Headmistress in circumstances such as the following:

(i)  an act of wilful disruption to the safe and peaceful workings of the school community

(eg  setting off the fire alarm, deliberate vandalism, stealing)

(ii)  an attack on any member of the school community, staff or student

(iii) possession of illegal substances (ie any illegal drugs)

(iv) possession of a dangerous weapon

(The Headmistress may determine that any of the above incidents may be so serious as to warrant permanent exclusion.)

(v)  continued disruption of teaching despite being “on report” and receiving appropriate sanctions en route, provided evidence is presented in advance of this sanction being used

(vi) any other circumstances which could in the Headmistress’ judgement constitute a major threat to the school and which could not be dealt with by employing the other more serious sanctions.

10. Permanent Exclusion

This will be used at the discretion of the Headmistress only, when all other sanctions have failed or in extreme circumstances.

Such extreme circumstances may include:

(i)  dealing in illegal substances (ie any illegal drugs) involving exchange of money on or adjacent to school premises

(ii)  when it is clear that the safety of the school community would be severely jeopardised by the continued presence of an individual child who was unable to control her behaviour.