Confidential Access

The School's Procedure regarding mobile phone usage

We see mobile phones as a useful tool whose appropriate use can be of benefit both to the individual and to the community. Inappropriate use, such as during lessons, can, however, be very disruptive and stand in the way of students’ learning.

Our policy, which parents/guardians are asked to reinforce is that:

a) mobile phones must be switched off at all times during registration and lessons
b) before and after school, at break and at lunchtimes, mobile phones may be used outside the school building
c) if these rules are breached, phones will be confiscated, kept in the school office and returned at the end of the school day.

Any student seen using their mobile phone in a school building will be given a conduct mark. 5 conduct marks result in a detention. We will review this sanction when we update the school behaviour policy. Please support us by reminding your child that they should not be using their mobile phones inside the school buildings.

November 2016