Confidential Access

The School's Procedure regarding mobile phone usage

Mobile phones can be a useful tool when used appropriately and can be of benefit to the student. Inappropriate use of a mobile phone can be very disruptive. Mobile phones are not allowed to be used within the school building, including at break and lunchtime. Mobile phones should not be visible in school, for example, they are not allowed to be carried in their hand or kept in their shirt pocket. Students, may, on occasion be permitted to use their mobile phone or other electronic device within a lesson if explicitly asked to, by the member of staff taking the lesson. If a student uses a mobile phone inappropriately it will confiscated until the end of the day and a consequence given. If the mobile phone was used to film/ photograph any student or member of staff without their consent, a member of SLT will ask to see the footage and expect the student to delete it as soon as possible. If the student refuses to show the footage the mobile phone will be confiscated and the parents/carers will be required to collect the phone at the end of the day. In serious cases of student misconduct the police may then be informed in order to gain access to this information.