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Presdales’ Marking Policy for meaningful marking.

At Presdales School we promote meaningful marking which will enable our students to progress to the next step. Therefore our marking is comment centred and provides our students with targets for improvement so that they can make progress across the curriculum. Formative assessment is therefore at the heart of our marking, with each subject setting regular classwork and homework tasks which are marked in this way. Our students have their strengths highlighted and an area to be improved given. Some of the terms used by departments to highlight this to our students are ‘Two stars and a wish’ or WWW (what worked well) and EBI (even better if).’ Consequently, there should be no marks or grades awarded in Key Stage 3, unless this is at a strategic part in the school year (see below). In Key Stages 4 and 5 emphasis will be placed on formative assessment but summative assessment will also be used by departments as and when appropriate.

Our students are then required to respond to these comments which could involve improving or amending their work so that the target is met. Alternatively a follow up task is set as necessary. Targets are recorded in their books or on a self-assessment sheet so that our students know how they are doing and what they need to do to be able to improve. In this way we ensure that our marking is meaningful and supports our students in making progress. This process will be monitored in two ways; by HODs in their subject areas on a termly basis and by HOYs and SLG in the form of whole school book scrutinies twice a year.

Throughout the year staff complete assessment tasks the results from which are recorded on a centralised mark sheet on SIMS. This enables tracking to take place and be monitored by the Head of Department/Head of Year so that underperformance can be identified and intervention put in place to support the students identified. This information will be shared with staff via the intervention boards in the staff room. At the end of the academic year, staff use this summative assessment (tracking point 6) to provide teacher-assessed data grades in the End of Year report.

 Please note: 

1) Work should be marked to support improvements in literacy with staff adopting a common approach, outlined below, to ensure consistency across the school and corrections may be limited to those words which are subject specific key words. In subjects where more specific grammatical points need to be identified (e.g. MFL) a more precise system will be applied.

SP= spelling

P= punctuation

C= misuse of a capital letter

G= grammatical error

//= new paragraph

2) It is not expected that every single piece of work is marked in depth by the teacher as other tactics can be employed such as peer and self-assessment, traffic-lighting, highlighting or other schemes.

Individual departments have their own more detailed policies which relate more specifically to their subjects and are listed elsewhere.