Confidential Access

Presdales School Home-School Agreement for Responsible and Appropriate use of computers, internet, email and all information and communications technology

Our internet service includes a firewall against undesirable and inappropriate material which is further supported by their proxy server and our virus scanning software.

Each pupil is given a network account and school email address. They are encouraged to use a secure password comprising a minimum of 8 case sensitive alphanumeric characters which they should not reveal to anyone else under any circumstances. They should treat their password as a banking PIN number.

Internet safety is of prime importance and every effort is made to ensure that pupils act responsibly in their use of internet and email. Chat rooms and social networking sites are not accessible in school using the school computers. Further information about internet safety can be found on the Hertfordshire Grid for Learning website which also has links to other useful websites:

I would like to draw your attention to the fact that we may operate different versions of software in school from the software that students use outside school. They should take this into account when saving work and transferring files from home to school and vice versa.

Students in Years 7-11 are not allowed to bring their own personal devices (including laptops, netbooks and tablets) in to school. Nor are they allowed to access a computer room without supervision. However, they may use the supervised ICT room at lunchtimes as well as the Library. Sixth Form students may use ICT facilities at any time during the school day and may bring their own laptop into school if they wish. Students are responsible for ensuring up-to-date virus protection is installed on their personal computers.

Inappropriate use of any ICT equipment will result in appropriate sanctions being taken by the school in accordance with general school rules and policies. I would be grateful if you would read and sign the home-school agreement in your daughter’s planner as soon as possible.
Please do not hesitate to contact the school if you would like any further information.

Presdales School Home-School Agreement for Responsible and Appropriate use of computers, internet, email and all information and communications technology


Pupils are responsible for good behaviour on computers and the internet just as they are in a classroom or a school corridor. General school rules apply. Individual users of the internet are responsible for their behaviour and communications over the network and they should comply with school standards and honour the agreements they have signed. Computer storage areas and removable storage devices will be treated like school lockers. Staff may review files and communications to ensure that users are using the system responsibly. Users should not expect that files stored on servers or disks will always be private.
During school, teachers will guide pupils toward appropriate materials. Outside of school, families bear responsibility for such guidance as they must also exercise with information sources such as television, telephones, movies, radio and other media.
Computers in school are for schoolwork and homework only. Pupils have access to supervised ICT rooms during the lunch hour, at homework club and in the Library.
• Always give priority to people needing to do work
• Only print work that is essential and always preview work before printing so as not to waste paper and ink
• If you do print, make sure you collect the print outs (you have a weekly allocation of £2.50. Printing on a black printer is 4p a sheet and on a colour printer it is 10p)
• Always leave the room tidy for others to use. Put chairs under tables and waste paper in the recycling box
• If you are sent any unpleasant material or messages report it to an adult
• Report any faults to a teacher or ICT technician
• Always acknowledge any web sites used for research or information
• Organise your user area effectively and delete files no longer needed
The following rules must be adhered to by all students
• Mobile phones and mp3 devices must be switched off at all times inside the school building
• Images of pupils and/ or staff will not be taken, stored nor distributed outside the school network without the permission of the eSafety Coordinator.
• The use of electronic devices to film anywhere on the school site is strictly forbidden without a teacher’s approval.
• No food or drink (including water) is allowed in computer rooms or near ICT equipment
• Never damage any equipment, computer systems or networks
• For your own safety, never reveal personal details to others via internet, email, social networking sites or chatrooms. This includes: full names, addresses, telephone numbers or any data which could enable others to physically locate you as an individual. Never arrange to meet someone you have ‘met’ on the internet
• Never send or display offensive messages or pictures
• Never send or respond to chain letters
• Never use obscene language
• Never harass, insult or attack other people
• Do not violate copyright laws
• Do not use someone else’s password
• Do not reveal your password to anyone, including a teacher or ICT technician
• Do not trespass in others’ folders, files or work
• Do not open an email attachment if it comes from an unknown source
• Do not download or install software on to the school computers
• Do not attempt to bypass the internet filtering system


1. Violations of the above rules may result in a temporary or permanent ban on internet or computer use.
2. Additional disciplinary action may be added in line with existing practice on inappropriate language or behaviour.
3. When applicable, police or local authorities may be involved.
For a digital version of the Presdales Home-School ICT policy please refer to the school website or request a hard copy from the school office.

This document has been compiled with reference to the Hertfordshire Grid for Learning and BECTA websites.