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Our House System

Each pupil and staff member is assigned to one of the six Houses and will be competing throughout the year to win the Presdales’ House Cup. The House system creates competition, promotes good work and behaviour, encourages teamwork, provides opportunities to take on responsibilities and brings everyone in the school together. The House System is designed to incorporate the visions and values of the school and aims to be an integral part of our school community.

The Houses

The six House names were decided after a consultation between the staff and the pupils, with everyone recommending and voting on inspirational women from history who represent our school core values and have had a positive impact in a variety of fields. From a list of thirteen potentials, the final Houses that the school community decided on are:

Curie - Marie Curie - conducted pioneering research on radioactivity

Frank - Anne Frank - Diarist

Nightingale - Florence Nightingale - the founder of modern nursing

Pankhurst - Emmeline Pankhurst - British political activist and leader of the British suffragette movement

Parks - Rosa Parks - activist in the civil rights movement

Windsor - Elizabeth Windsor – Queen of the United Kingdom

Positions of responsibility within the Houses are as follows:

 Each form also belongs to a house: 

*House points will be calculated to ensure that Houses are not disadvantaged until we have six forms in all year groups.

House Events

Throughout the year, the houses will compete in a series of events to win points for their house. These include:

Netball : w/c 8th October
Basketball : w/c 5th November
KS3 Creative Arts Showcase : w/c 19th November
Hockey/Football: w/c 21st January
LingoFest : w/c 28th January
Music : w/c 11th February
Benchball : w/c 25th February
Spelling Bee : w/c 4th March
Maths : w/c 11th March
Recycled Fashion Show : w/c 18th March
Debate : w/c 7th May
Resistant Materials : w/c 13th May
Rounders : w/c 20th May
SPORTS DAY : 10th July
KS3 Science Fair : w/c 15th July

The Houses also work hard to raise funds for our school charity, Fanconi Hope.

Earning house points

Each House is in competition with each other to achieve the highest number of house points at the end of each term and, most importantly, by the end of the year when the overall House Cup will be awarded. Each half term, the form in each year group with the most reward points will receive 12 points towards the House total, the form in second place 10 Points etc… This way, an individual student and the form collectively are contributing to the overall House Point total. There will also be a House Shield awarded to the highest scoring House in each Year group, also awarded at the end of the School year.

Pupils can contribute to their house point totals in a number of ways both in and out of the classroom. We encourage every student to be an active member of their house and take every opportunity to gain points for their house. Every point is vital to help be the winning team and lift the House Cup at the end of the summer term!

There are many activities running through the school year. Each house point awarded to students automatically adds to the House total. For the large events, such as Sports Day, points are awarded based on finishing positions. All House competitions will be scored in the same way across all Departments/areas of School:

1st : 12 Points
2nd : 10 Points
3rd : 8 Points
4th : 6 Points
5th : 4 Points
6th : 2 Points


All students who participate in any House event are to receive a Reward point (R1) for their contribution. Reward points will contribute to the overall House point totals.

Reports on House events, as well as house point totals will be advertised in our fortnightly newsletter, PressTales.

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