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Year 10 Skills London Careers Trip

Friday, 24 November 2017

The whole of Year 10 went to the SKILLS LONDON CAREERS FAIR at the ExCel Centre in Docklands, London. The trip was very successful, and as you can read below, the girls found it very useful:

‘I got to learn things I did not know before about different jobs. It has made me think about them’ (Issy Brown)

‘ It was a great day for anyone who is unsure about what job they want to do when they are older. It really helped me find what I am passionate about and has made me excited for the future’ (Sofia Sipi)

‘It opened my eyes as to how to proceed after Year 11’ (Hermione Hopking)

‘It was fun and the activities were interesting’ (Saffy Adams)

‘I learnt a lot about the difference between doing an apprenticeship and going to university. I still don’t know what I want to do after school, but I do know now that I really want an apprenticeship’ (Daisy Creasey)

‘All my questions were answered, and I really enjoyed myself on this trip (Isabel Eccleston)

‘I found it reassuring and motivating. I had fun finding out what careers using art were available to me’ (Molly Reid)

‘There were lots of activities to try. All the people on the stalls helped and gave positive comments’ (Abby Rymer)

‘I feel more confident now about what I have planned for my future’ (Sidney Crane)

‘It was a gtreat experience with lots of options to see ( Jessica Owusu)