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Drama Theatre Trip to Colchester Mercury Theatre to see 'Things I know to be True'

Wednesday, 11 October 2017

Years 13, 12 and 11 studying A level and GCSE Drama and Theatre were lucky to catch Frantic Assembly on tour with their award winning physical theatre performance. "Things I know to be True" is about a ageing family where parents are coping with allowing their children to grow up and make their own mistakes. The family experience some devastating truths that Frantic Assembly communicate in moving physical theatre sequences with their iconic lifts. The Drama students must watch live theatre as part of the GCSE and A level courses as it enhances their knowledge and there is also a section of their examinations where they have to write a live theatre evaluation. The students have also studied Frantic Assembly as part of their own devising study and were really impressed to see Frantic Assembly professionally. Students have returned to class brimming with analysis and evaluation that they are now using for revision of their Component 3 examinations. The students were a credit to the school and we all enjoyed a great afternoon of theatre. Thank You for the staff that helped to make the trip possible including Miss Chapman who joined us! A quote from a year 12 Live Theatre Review draft,

"To be an audience member in this elegant performance of life is a privilege. I would highly recommend going on this journey with the Price family."