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Tuesday, 14 March 2017

On the basis of her fantastic achievement in the UK Intermediate Maths Challenge this year, Grace Farrell, Year 10, has been selected to attend the UK Mathematics Summer School. She will be attending St Anne's College, Oxford, for the week long course this summer.


On Tuesday the 14th March, 4 girls from years 8 and 9 (Emily Mayes, Elisenda Henderson, Leanna Rhodes and Rebecca Fletcher) participated in a UKMT Team Maths Challenge held in Bancroft’s School. There were 4 rounds of different sets of questions, varying from asking for the sum of certain primes to finding the distance between two houses when given two times and a difference in speed. This was made all the more intimidating by the 28 other (mostly private) schools who participated, out of which we came 11th, and the overall large, old, and impressive nature of the school building itself. However, the last challenge of the day wasn’t mathematical at all- it was finding our way out! Many thanks to Mr Beckley who organised the training sessions before the event, and took us there too.

Rebecca Fletcher, Year 9