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Ski Trip to Switzerland

Saturday, 18 February 2017

On Friday 10th February we left school to head to Leysin, Switzerland. The journey was long but it seemed to pass very quickly and most people slept very well on the coach. When we arrived at our hotel we were a little tired but very excited to see the snow, get our skis fitted and, most importantly, see our rooms!

The skiing was such fun, with plenty of laughter and some falls but so good to see everybody making great progress. The days flew by and the weather (until the last day) was just beautiful.

We enjoyed some fun activities in the evenings, too, but I think that everyone would agree that tobogganing was brilliant and gave everybody plenty more to smile about.

I think that we were all sad to leave and face the long journey home but we had a fantastic time and will be able to talk about all the memories for years to come.

Miss Clarke

‘Every day in school we have been talking about the unforgettable skiing that we enjoyed so much. We had the best time ever!! We would like to thank the teachers who came with us. We are already excited for the next time we can go on the ski trip.’

‘It was an AMAZING experience going on the ski trip! Enjoying the sunny weather and beautiful views when waking up in the morning. All of the ski instructors were kind and helpful. I have made the best memories with special friends.’

'The Swiss ski trip 2017 was a great experience. The resort had a range of slopes for all abilities and the scenery was beautiful too. It was very well organised which allowed us to spend lots of time on the slopes as well as doing lots of fun evening activities such as tobogganing.’

'The ski trip was such an amazing experience and if I ever had the chance I would defiantly go again, I only regret not going sooner! The trip is so well organised and the activities running along side the skiing were great also. Skiing is such a great sport to do on a school trip because it's something you can pick up within a few days; before I went I had never put a pair of skis on in my life and by the end of the week I was doing blue runs on the mountain with a couple of red slopes! I would 100% recommend this trip to anyone thinking about it as it's an amazing trip and you'll have a fab time!’