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Year 10 History Visit to the Doctors' Show and the Garrett Museum in London

Friday, 27 January 2017

On Friday 27th January 2017 over ninety Year 10 historians went on a trip to London to spend the day further exploring their GCSE topic of “Medicine through Time”. First stop was The Doctor’s Show, a performance put on by LOST Theatre. The play brought to life many of the main characters and events in the history of Medicine and Public Health. Additionally, the students were given valuable advice about how to improve their performance in the final exam through an interactive workshop led by past examiners. The girls then had the opportunity to wander through Borough Market for lunch, an experience that was thoroughly enjoyed by all! Finally, the girls discovered Europe’s oldest surviving operating theatre at the Herb Garrett Museum. The afternoon workshop put on by the museum staff demonstrated what it would have been like to be a patient in St Thomas’ Hospital during the 19th century, plus the girls were exposed to the ‘bloody’ world of surgery before the advent of antiseptics and anaesthetics. We even saw one of our students endure a mock amputation!  A big thank you to all the girls who joined the History Department on this trip, it was a pleasure having so many of you attend.

Miss Dickson