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Year 9 German Trip to Düsseldorf and Köln

Monday, 05 December 2016

On the 1st of December a group of Year 9 and 10's embarked on an epic journey. When we arrived in Düsseldorf, Germany, we went straight to the Christmas Market just across the river from the youth hostel. It was a Christmas wonderland. Each stall was a little wooden cabin full of fairy lights and bright colours. The smells were exquisite! Cinnamon, ginger and pine filled the air. The next day we travelled to Köln where we visited the Lindt chocolate museum, which was definitely one of the highlights of the trip. We were able to experience how Lindt chocolate was made and try out some of the chocolate from a huge golden fountain. After that we went to the Kölner Dom! (Cologne Cathedral) and saw it's amazing architecture. Then we went to the Christmas market and saw the huge Christmas tree covered with lights from top to bottom. There were lots of things to buy, including traditional German candles and lots of food. The crépes and Bratwurst were amazing! Due to traffic on the way back to Düsseldorf we weren't able to go on the boat trip down the river Rhine. However, we didn't miss out as instead we went on the huge wheel in the Düsseldorf Christmas market which was just as fun. We also had a go on the Merry Go Round - the teachers too and they were very amusing! After dinner we also went swimming at the Freizeitbad Düsselstrand. It was great fun with slides, hot tubs, flumes and plunge pools. Some of the pool even went outside! Due to the cold there was a thick layer mist covering the top of the pool which made it very hard to see, however the water was crystal clear. It was definitely a great way to end the day. On our last day in Düsseldorf we went up the huge TV tower. It was 2400 meters up in the sky. Even though it was fairly cloudy it was still amazing and quite surreal. The views were breath taking. The slanted windows made it even more scary because when leaning on them you thought you would fall at any moment! After the tower we went for some last minute shopping in Düsseldorf. We then piled ourselves back on to the coach for the long journey back, filled with movies and karaoke. 'It was the best trip ever!' 
Jasmine Cooper, Year 9