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Year 7 Winter Ball

Friday, 02 December 2016

On Friday 2nd December, Year 7 had their Winter Ball. Everyone had lots of fun. There were different stalls for food where we were served delicious things like chips, pizza and popcorn. Everyone helped themselves and enjoyed everything on offer. There were also a doughnuts and a sweets stall where almost everyone loaded themselves with sweets and sugary goodness! And, everyone was sharing with friends and going crazy, dancing to their fullest.
And best of all, there was a raffle! It was 50p for one go and winners were given amazing prizes like a lip gloss set, a bath-bomb set and some even more glamourous, glitzy prizes. Those winners were very lucky indeed! But even those who didn’t win had a great, eventful night!
Niharika Jha, Year 7

There was a live DJ at the Winter Ball and she played songs that we wanted her to play. When some songs came on, people would do very creative dances to that song! Everyone that came wrote down a song on a piece of paper and the DJ would try and play it for us. Then, when it was someone’s birthday, we all sang Happy Birthday to her and carried on dancing. I think that the winter ball was a huge success.
Shaye Davis, Year 7

The Winter Ball was really good fun because there were lots of people and it was set out really neatly. The hall was neatly decorated with tinsel and a Christmas tree on the stage: the atmosphere was very Christmassy. There was a quiet photo-booth room for you to take a photo with funny glasses and things for you to wear in the photos with your friends.
They had lots of nice snacks and drinks for us to have. Overall, I think the Winter Ball was really good and the sixth formers did really well organising it.
Kittie Walton, Year 7