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Years 8 to 10 Production of Shakespeare Schools Festival

Friday, 11 November 2016

On Friday 11th November, Presdales School performed their version of Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night at the Shakespeare Schools Festival. The production was directed by English teacher Mrs Jackson, with assistance from Miss Chapman and Ms Hobbs. The production included a mixture of students from Year 8 and Year 9, also including five Year 10 performers as some of the leading roles: Micaela Addison-Kemp, Madeline Drake, Holly Davidge, Emily Murphy and Alyssa Stein.

The show opened with the whole cast on stage using physical theatre to act out a stormy ship-wreck, to a slow-motion drum beat. The actors captured the quick transformation from drowning sailors on the sinking boat to suddenly embodying the deathly waves of the ocean. Miss Jennings, an enthusiastic audience member, particularly praised the opening for its “stunning” and “captivating” nature.

Shortly after the play’s dramatic opening the audience were treated to a snippet of the play’s dominating genre: comedy. Suzy Allan (Year 8) as Sir Toby Belch and Safia Sipi (Year 9) as Sir Andrew were particularly noted for their excellent comic timing, along with Azaria Gayle (Year 8) as Maria, encouraging their foolish antics. Yet, undoubtedly no one could embody the spirit of comedy more so than the character of Feste, played by Maddie Hunter (Year 8), who twirled and cartwheeled her way around the stage, creating a stark contrast to the rather melancholy Duke, performed by Edith Corkery Schless (Year 9).

Huge congratulations should be extended to everyone involved in the production, particularly the dedicated members of the chorus cast and also the sixth-form sound and lighting team: Leonie Ormerod, Jasmine Jenkins and Olivia Roper. Presdales’ English and Drama departments are particularly proud of all of your hard work and dedication and we hope that you are eagerly anticipating next year’s show as much as we are!

Review written by Miss L Chapman

Photograph credit given to Splaat Photography