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Year 7 Team Building Days at Cuffley Camp

Friday, 30 September 2016

When you’re looking for the heart of fun, Cuffley Camp is the place you have to go to! That’s where we (Year 7) went as our first school trip. There were many activities such as Orienteering and Up ’n’ Under.

In Orienteering, we needed good map-reading skills as we were looking for our answers to our questions.

Up ‘n’ Under was an assault course where we had to go over, under and through things like logs, rocks and trees.

Problem Solving was the last activity of the day. We had four tasks and twelve minutes to complete them. Most of the tasks included planks.

At the end of the day, our scores were added up and the team with the most scores were the winners. Even if our team did come last, we still had a chance to make new friends and have lots of fun! What a great day!

Niharika Jha (Year 7)