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European Week of Languages

Friday, 30 September 2016

The 26th September was the European Day of Languages when all of Europe celebrates the diversity of languages throughout the world. At Presdales, we celebrate for a whole week as we have much to celebrate on the language front. Our KS3 students explored the countries where Arabic is spoken,  learned a few words of Arabic and tried their hand at calligraphy during the week. We had a special lunchtime menu for each of the languages we teach here and special activities run by our Senior Language students.

On Wednesday all students had the opportunity to make sushki (polo shaped biscuits)  bracelets and take part in Russian related quizes. Well done to the three Year 7s who won the guessing the Russian words quiz and to Bibi Alagoa and Conrad Buckley who won the general knowledge quiz!

In German the girls had to answer quiz questions about Germany and German speaking countries, in order to win points and ultimately some German sweets from the famous German 'Haribo' range!
The Italian department celebrated European Languages Week by bringing back the ever-popular lunchtime face-painting tradition! Our Year 13 Italian prefects brushed up their painting skills to decorate Year 7, 8 and 9 faces with whiskers, hearts and stars. All designs were, of course, daubed on in the colours of the Italian flag; the green represents Italy’s hills, the white represents the snow-covered mountains of the Alps and the red represents blood spilled in the quest for Italian independence.

For European Language Week, in our language lessons, we learned about the language of Arabic and we even learned to speak some ourselves! We learned how to: say hello and goodbye, to say good morning/good night and lots of other things too! After, we researched our names in Arabic and we coloured in a beautiful mosaic that is a huge part of the Arabic culture.  We learnt so much and had great fun!
Lauren Byrne (Year 7)
Bonjour! In European Language Week, Year 7, 8 and 9 have been focusing on Arabic.  Luckily for me Arabic runs through my blood, as my dad’s side of the family are all Arabic, coming originally from Syria. We learned how to say hello, goodbye, good morning, good night and more. Arabic was an unexpected choice of language, but I’m happy that we learned some because now I can have a conversation with my dad.  Overall it was a very fun lesson.
Ria Cabbani (Year 7)