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Monday, 04 July 2016

Year 9 Go4SET Competition at GSK on 27th June 2016

Two year 9 teams entered this year’s Go4SET scheme, which is run by the award-winning Engineering Development Trust charity, and supported by GSK.

The teams were given the research brief “How to make our school ecofriendly” and had to identify ways to reduce waste within the school and then propose cost-effective solutions to make the school more efficient.

Pupils gave up numerous lunchtimes to work on their projects, supported by Mr Reading and Dr Coyne, and presented their findings at the Celebration Assessment Day at The Priory in Ware. Both teams were runners up, and also achieved a Silver Crest Award and an Industrial Cadets Award, so well done!

GSK Young Inventors Competition on 4th July 2016

Eight intrepid year 7 students arrived at GSK on a Monday morning having volunteered to enter this very prestigious competition. To start the day, participants had a short presentation from GSK patent attorneys about how inventions are protected by patents and trademarks. Then they worked in their teams to develop an invention of their own, which they presented to the other teams and the GSK patent attorneys and STEM ambassadors.

One of the teams were the overall winners with their invention called MUSE – which stands for Mini Useful Subtle Earphones! Features of the earphones included voice recognition, water-resistance and automatic cut-out whenever there was a loud noise like a car horn, ensuring safety.

The second team were runners up with their invention called Safe-Met – which is a safety helmet designed for mountaineers and hikers, and incorporated features such as an emergency button and a location function (in the event of being lost!!)

The details of both of the excellent invention are displayed in the foyer of the science department together with photos of the two teams. Well done to both teams for brilliant inventing!!

Mrs Walsh