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Presdales School Artist of the Month September 2015

Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Congratulations to:-

Yr. 7 Tegan Boswell
Yr. 8 Meshezabeel narciso
Yr. 9 Matilda Martin
Yr. 10 Daire Coates
Yr. 10 Chloe Swindell
Yr. 10 Meredith Freeman
Yr. 11 Rozelle Nortje
Yr. 11 Annabelle McCullock
Yr. 11 Maisie Dick
Yr. 12 Georgie Hale
Yr. 13 Florence Bentley

Photographer of the Month September 2015

Yr. 12 Olivia Hoy
Yr.13 Evalyn Goldby Solomon

Well Done From The Art Dept.