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Key Stage 4/GCSE

Years 10 and 11

We invite 60 students to take three separate GCSEs in Biology, Chemistry and Physics.  Other students choose to study for two GCSEs in Science called Science A and Additional Science which are a mixture of Chemistry, Biology and Physics.  Students who follow this route can still take the Sciences at A level.  We also offer GCSE Astronomy as an after school opportunity.

We follow the AQA syllabi ( for the GCSEs in Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Science A and additional Science.  GCSE Astronomy is assessed by Edexcel (

Each GCSE is assessed by three short answer papers and an ISA, a practical assessment carried out in school.  All students will carry out two ISAs for each GCSE and the best used towards the GCSE. Examinations for the Science A GCSE are taken in May of year 10 whilst examinations for the GCSEs in Additional Science, Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Astronomy are taken in May/June of year 11.