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Key Stage 3

Year 7 to 9

All students receive two ninety minute lessons a week.  In years 7 and 8 students are taught a mixed Science syllabus, normally taught by a single teacher.  In year 9 students have two teachers – a biologist and a physical scientist.  The emphasis is based on learning through scientific enquiry.  At the end of each module and at the end of the year the academic progress of the students is assessed.

In year 7 students are taught in teaching groups common to all curriculum areas.  In years 8 and 9 students are streamed based on the academic progress made in the previous year.

Year 7 students study the fundamental aspects of force, motion and respiration through the study of sport science, the basic requisites for life through studying how life could exist throughout our solar system in the alien topic and the fundamentals of chemistry through the cook topic. 

Year 8 students will study sound and light are investigated through the medium of film and music, the interaction of living things through the study of the various habitats around the world and in the school and the abstract world of atoms and molecules are studied through objects found in your house.

Year 9 students study topics which overlap with the GCSE syllabi.  This includes heat and energy transfer, generating electricity, reactivity of metals, pollution, genetics, microbes and organ systems.  At the end of year 9 students will carry out an investigation into a specific topic which could lead to them achieving a Bronze Crest award for Science.   This year we had students investigating how to send rockets high into the sky, found out just what organisms are hiding around school and how science is really used to catch criminals.

This year we are also participating in the Robot Rumble competition run BY MBDA and Setpoint.  A group of six students will design, build and evaluate a robot which will play a futuristic version of basketball!