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Religious Education Key Stage 4


Year 10 (short course)

All pupils in Year 10 will complete GCSE short course, which began in Y9.  This year’s topic is Peace and Justice, including the ethics of war, crime and punishment.  In addition, for students who wish to explore such issues in greater depth, there is a full course option in Philosophy & Ethics, which will deepen students’ awareness of ethics and introduce them to philosophical questions about human purpose, knowledge and reality.

GCSE option group

In addition to the core short RE GCSE course, Students have an option to study a full GCSE course in Philosophy & Ethics.  This means choosing the subject as an option in Y9, and then having more time to study a wider range of ethical issues in greater detail in Y10, alongside an introduction into the philosophy of religion.  This looks at questions such as science & religion, the soul & life after death, and God & evil.