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Key Stage 4

GCSE music can be very rewarding; the course aims to help students to explore and develop unique areas of creativity, discipline and independence.

The course is split into five areas of study:

• AoS1: My Music
• AoS2: The Conventions of Pop
• AoS3: Rhythms of the World
• AoS4: The Concerto Through Time
• AoS5: Film Music

Assessment is divided into four areas:

Integrated Tasks (30% of the total GCSE)

• Solo performance (15%)
• Free composition (15%)

Practical Portfolio (30% of the total GCSE)

• group performance (15%)
• Composition set to an exam board brief (15%)

Listening Test (40% of the total GCSE)

• 90 minute examination covering all areas of study. Some music theory knowledge is required.

Entry Requirements

Students should:

• Be adaptable and open to different styles of music
• Have shown some evidence of progress on a musical instrument (including voice)
• Have a basic grasp of keyboard skills
• Demonstrate a willingness to work hard and learn
• Demonstrate a commitment to the musical life of the school through extra curricular activities & performances inside and outside of school

Why Choose Music?

• Recognised as a valid, challenging qualification by Universities, Colleges & employers
• Allows time for development on an instrument or voice
• Develops skills of ICT in Music as well as basic recording techniques
• Can make a welcome break from standard written GCSE examinations
• Develops individuality, creativity & self confidence