Confidential Access

Key Stage 3

Students are organised into Maths sets right from the start of the year, based on information from their Primary Schools and the KS2 SATS. The Schemes of Work for all pupils are carefully matched to the pupils’ abilities. Curriculum objectives are shared with the pupils and parents via self assessment sheets for each unit of study.

There is provision for a wide variety of practical, problem-solving, functional maths and investigational work to inspire pupils and enrich their understanding. We include group, paired and individual work to supplement whole class learning.

Pupils are given an appropriate Maths textbook. This is used in class and at home alongside other resources. Homework is integral to a student’s learning and this is set and marked on a regular basis. All pupils also have personal accounts on, accessible from both home and school.

Every pupil brings her own calculator to Maths lessons – we sell our recommended scientific calculator at cost price.

Year 7 prepare and take part in a Probability Fair in the Summer term.